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Taking a Break Is Okay (Regardless of What Everyone Tells You)

I have returned from a writing hiatus and I feel pretty good. Everyone was wondering what the hell happened to me and why I just stopped. The truth is: Life had sort of burnt me out. I was literally doing everything for everyone else that I forgot how to do things for ME. The realization... Read more »

A Meatless 20 Days: Facing Reality

Today marks 20 days of not eating meat and I am at a crossroads. The challenge was initially set for 22 days as I’ve heard that it takes about that long to break a bad habit. During this time, I became a pescatarian, or someone who eats fish but no other forms of meat. The... Read more »

I'm Giving Up Meat, Not Becoming a Suicide Bomber: Cut Me Some Slack

January 1st, I decided to give vegetarianism a try.   Some years ago, for about a 14 months, I gave up meat cold tofu.  I was incredibly thin but not necessarily healthy as I really didn’t do it the right way.  I ate a lot of grilled cheese sandwiches and just other variations of crap... Read more »

My New Years Resolutions-Edited Many Times Over

#5. Less Time For B.S. No longer will I waste my time with people that are doing nothing for me. Sounds selfish, but I like being selfish. #4. Eat Less Meat…Or None. A long time ago, I went a whole year without eating meat. Sounds like hell, right? WRONG! I felt absolutely awesome..my hair grew... Read more »

Top 5 Holiday Gifts For Children That Are Free

The holidays have snuck up on us and we feel forced to buy lavish gifts for the children in our lives.  As a mom to a two year old, I’ve fallen prey to the “I want” monster going through any hellfire to get any toy she desires.  Yet, when I catch myself reaching into my... Read more »

10 Reasons To See "The Family" At The Movies This Week

10 Reasons To See "The Family" At The Movies This Week
If there is anything you need to know about me, you should know this: 1. I love the movies but enjoy them more at a cheaper price. 2. I love seeing any movies in which Robert De Niro has a key role. I took in “The Family” at the Icon Theater on Roosevelt.  Icon is... Read more »

Black Barbie Dolls Aren't Just For Black Children: Weekend Truth

My daughter is multi-ethnic with a rich blend of cultures from both sides of her blood line.  I’ve exposed my child to second and third languages and have always made her know both sides of her family and culture. Of all things I have done, the most ingenious has been buying my daughter black dolls. ... Read more »

Life In It's Rarest Form: Thursday Wisdom

In retrospect, I realize life was never as complicated as I made it seem. I put stress on myself and raced to meet the end of some stupid deadline. My entire days, all 24 hours of them, would be filled with work and heavy thoughts. My relationships were worthless as I bided my time with... Read more »

Common Sense Isn't Always So Common: URBAN SENSE

We’ve all come across people in our lives who seem to have no clue about the world around them. It can become frustrating when it is a family member or a close friend who has missed the mental “bus”. Living in an urban setting, like Chicago, one must apply another layer of common sense to... Read more »

The Thing About Father's Day When Your Father Is Gone

I always loved spending Father’s Day with my dad. My dad was a comical guy who had a way with words. My sister, mom and I would pull out all of the stops to be sure Father’s Day was special because he did all he could to make us feel special all year round. Although... Read more »