Taking a Break Is Okay (Regardless of What Everyone Tells You)

I have returned from a writing hiatus and I feel pretty good. Everyone was wondering what the hell happened to me and why I just stopped. The truth is: Life had sort of burnt me out. I was literally doing everything for everyone else that I forgot how to do things for ME.

The realization of it came when I felt like my cup was running over and I was grabbing other cups to catch the overflow. Even though I'd say my cup was too full, there were multiple people standing there with pitchers ready to pour some more.

I know that sounds nearly like a bad (or good) porno...but I digress.

My quality of life started to diminish when work started to FEEL like work.

The realization came that it wasn't that I was losing interest in what I do; it was that I needed to fall in love with it again.

Ok, now we're going from porno to The Notebook. Please forgive me, it's been awhile. This writing thing is slowly coming back to me.

#DontJudgeMe Alright, NOW, I have become the #QueenofHashtags and apparently bad spacing.

This is going downhill.

The point I am trying to make is that I needed time to refresh myself on why I wrote to begin with. I enjoy it but I guess being torn different ways forced me to devalue it.

The lesson here (because there has to be a lesson) is that you have to live your life with enjoyment. You have to do the things YOU enjoy and when they start becoming less enjoyable, take a step back and evaluate why you did it to begin with.

Well, until next post..do what makes you..YOU.

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Yep, you're welcome!

Joy <3 (really? Did I just do a heart?).

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