A Meatless 20 Days: Facing Reality

Today marks 20 days of not eating meat and I am at a crossroads.

The challenge was initially set for 22 days as I've heard that it takes about that long to break a bad habit.

During this time, I became a pescatarian, or someone who eats fish but no other forms of meat.

The challenge is close to the end but the weirdest thing has happened: I have no desire or craving for meat. In some ways I am disgusted by it.

I feel guilty...like I am doing something illegal by not eating meat. My guilt lies in the fact that I am the queen of turkey and brisket during the holidays ( my recipe is top secret). Will I be letting my family down by turning my back to meat?

My health has improved dramatically in this short timeframe and I guess I want to push the envelope by seeing how far I can go.

My digestive issues have disappeared and I am quite regular. Furthermore, where I thought I saw a grey hair a black hair sits again. My skin looks really vibrant, my eyes appear brighter and my insides feel...well..different.

Of course, I could be imaging this but something has definitely changed.


I am very cautious about what I put in my mouth and my refrigerator isn't full of crap that isn't good for me. I eat tons of fruit and veggies daily that I spend so much less on groceries.

Heck, this is a new page in my book of life. I plan to stick it out in this chapter for a while.

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Yep, you're welcome!

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