Top 5 Holiday Gifts For Children That Are Free

The holidays have snuck up on us and we feel forced to buy lavish gifts for the children in our lives.  As a mom to a two year old, I've fallen prey to the "I want" monster going through any hellfire to get any toy she desires.  Yet, when I catch myself reaching into my wallet yet again, I realize the importance of the things that truly make the holidays.   I have compiled that list for you:


Top 5 Holiday Gifts For Children That Are Free

5. Floor Time:

Growing up, I loved opening my presents on Christmas morning and can still feel the giddy excitement when I would find just one more gift hiding under the tree.  Yet, what meant more to me was remembering my parents getting on the floor with my sister and I to play with the new toys we'd just received.  What fun to enjoy that time playing CandyLand or tea time as a family.  It means more to me now than any toy I ever received as a child.

4.  Snow, Snow & Snow:

I grew up with a fondnest for snow.  My sister and I would bundle up and run outside to slide our makeshift sleds down the hill.  We built snowmen and had snowball fights.  After a fun hour outside, we warmed up inside with a mug of hot cocoa and a Charlie Brown Christmas Special.  Show your children the meaning of a white Christmas.

3. Baking

A child in this day in age has been tarnished by the world of video games and tv.  Family time in the kitchen does much more for the soul than Playstation ever could.  Christmas cookie baking was a highlight of my childhood.  We all sat in the kitchen pushed into our roles in the baking "assembly line" .  We joked, laughed and tasted the results of our labor. 

2. Humility

The holidays should be a time of reflection and understanding that there are many that do not have the things we have.  By volunteering as a family at a local soup kitchen or collecting toys for children that are in need help children understand the true meaning of the holiday season.  Contact nursing homes in the area and "adopt" a resident who needs a special gift during this time of year.

1. Family

Take the time to enjoy your family during this time of year.  Visit parents or grandparents and start the tradition of sending holiday cards every year.  Let your child sign their name or draw a little picture inside.  You never know how much a small note can change so much for the person who may have needed some words of encouragement to make it through the holidays.

My list, short and sweet, means a lot and can help return the holidays to your household.  What other things do you do during the holidays that don't cost a thing?  Leave that in the comment section below and while you're at it, follow me on twitter @TheRealJoyRene or look me up on Facebook.

I hope that your holidays are filled with love and prosperity.

Yep, you're welcome!


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