Megyn Kelly, White Santa & Surfer Jesus

The media has been ablaze with remarks regarding the comments of Megyn Kelly from her Fox show. According to her, Santa and Jesus are white. She has declared it so it shall be.


If we're talking about good ole St. Nick from Greece...he was probably not as white as Megyn Kelly assumes him to have been. His hair wasn't blonde, he was likely brown skinned with an appreciation for olive oil. Yet I digress..

If we're talking about fictional Santa Claus, then I guess he could be white, or even purple for chrissakes. Sorta like the Easter bunny who is white but has no correlation to Easter. We just keep him around to drive the economy.

Just like white Santa: Not the meaning of Christmas...but dollar signs.

For the record, Jesus was very likely NOT blonde haired or blue eyed. If we dig further, we'll know that he probably looked more like the people who reside in the West Bank today. Of course, we aren't talking about Ashkenazi Jews that traveled to Palestine (now labeled Israel), but the original folks: The ones with the dark skin, dark eyes and dark hair.

I guess Megyn is stating that Jesus, a Hebrew (not to be completely associated with Jewish in the religious aspect as some confuse Hebrew to be a religion..must be friends of Megyn), was a white man. If she is talking about pictures painted by those who felt he should be white, then he is. Yet, I've seen paintings of Black Jesus he's black or at least Middle Eastern to me.

If there's any consolation here, I've met several people named Jesus and they weren't white.

Possibly, we should follow suit of the Muslim community and not try to put Jesus (Christian Messiah) in paintings. Then, he'll be whatever color we imagine him to be. I've never seen a Muslim kneeling before a picture of Muhammad (Muslim Messiah). They probably figure he looks like them so why bother?

I guess stupidity raises questions and that is why I feel compelled to write this rambling of sorts.

Megyn Kelly, through her own ignorance, opened up the minds of a lot of people who once thought like her: Maybe we'll see less Gerber baby actors in the Nativity events at our churches...possibly there will be an Asian Santa at this mall this year.

Thank you very much, Megyn, from the sunburned white Jesus enduring a life of looking nothing like the people who raised him, dying in a land full of Hebrews and possibly Arabs living under Roman (Italian) occupation.

All that matters is what YOU and I  feel Jesus and Santa looks like. From that, we can create our own tradition.

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Yep, you're welcome!

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