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My New Years Resolutions-Edited Many Times Over

#5. Less Time For B.S. No longer will I waste my time with people that are doing nothing for me. Sounds selfish, but I like being selfish. #4. Eat Less Meat…Or None. A long time ago, I went a whole year without eating meat. Sounds like hell, right? WRONG! I felt absolutely hair grew... Read more »

Megyn Kelly, White Santa & Surfer Jesus

The media has been ablaze with remarks regarding the comments of Megyn Kelly from her Fox show. According to her, Santa and Jesus are white. She has declared it so it shall be. Really… If we’re talking about good ole St. Nick from Greece…he was probably not as white as Megyn Kelly assumes him to... Read more »

Top 5 Holiday Gifts For Children That Are Free

The holidays have snuck up on us and we feel forced to buy lavish gifts for the children in our lives.  As a mom to a two year old, I’ve fallen prey to the “I want” monster going through any hellfire to get any toy she desires.  Yet, when I catch myself reaching into my... Read more »