When Your All Isn't Enough: Know When To Throw In The Towel

Life has a way of killing you without you even knowing you're dying.

It sounds quite harsh but if you really analyze what that means, then you'll uncover that the statement does hold some truth.

We all have things in our lives that we wish were different, better, or just plain removed from our life plan.

Some times, we believe that we are blocking ourselves from the changes or successes that become our life goals.

In reality, some things, may not be in the cards for us and by continuing to pursue these unrealistic endeavors, we've missed true opportunities that ARE meant for us.

Example: I knew someone who was hell bent on purchasing a business. After 100 denials, she got one "Yes."

After many years of negative return from a business that seemed doomed from day one, she endured, filed bankruptcy, lost her home, after pulling all of it's equity trying to make this business work.

Many offers came for good jobs in her original field but she refused them because she felt that the business was "meant" for her.

In the end, her purpose, or what she thought was her purpose, ended up being like a cancer.

It spread to all areas of her life and soiled every aspect.

At times, life is set on a mission to destroy those who live it. It is up to us to step out of the way of our demise whether it is financial, physical or emotional.

I am a believer that God provides us with a solution to exit situations that are eating us alive.

When we are receptive to those solutions (regardless of if you feel God, Muhammad or Mother Earth sent them), the most positive changes happen.

That moment is when you must decide that it is time to throw in the towel and quit what you believed was your calling.

Whether it be toxic relationships, bad jobs, or financial problems;

You'll understand that to pursue something that is a harm or hinderance to you or the people around you is losing all benefits you set to gain.

Possibly, this post may be what someone needed to see in order to break free.

Maybe YOU are that someone.

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Yep! You're welcome!

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