Common Sense Isn't Always So Common: URBAN SENSE

We've all come across people in our lives who seem to have no clue about the world around them. It can become frustrating when it is a family member or a close friend who has missed the mental "bus". Living in an urban setting, like Chicago, one must apply another layer of common sense to survive the concrete jungle.

I like to call this school of thought "Urban Sense".

Here are some examples of Urban Sense:

1. Never walk down a busy street texting or talking on your phone.

Even more dangerous is sitting on the crowded green line playing Candy Crush Saga. Someone is lurking waiting for the opportunity to grab and dash. I've personally been a witness to a quick theft of an iPad from the startled hands of a college student. Power your gadgets off or place on silent until you reach your destination.

2. If you don't own a crossbody bag, get one.

A thief is looking for the easiest way to snatch your valuables and a crossbody bag is a great way to discourage them from robbing you. It's easier to look for the would-be victim with a purse or bookbag swinging off of their left shoulder. Too cool for school equals getting robbed.

Don't leave anything in your car..I mean it!

Thieves look for anything of value and all it takes is a hot second for them to get their hands on what they want. I made the mistake of preloading my car with my laptop and then going back into the house to grab my daughter. In that 30 second timeframe, I was met with a big boulder through my back window, my laptop and $300 designer work bag gone in the effin wind. That was a few months ago and I STILL get sick to my stomach thinking about it.

Also, get rid of that spare change as that could entice anyone to break in and grab it. An alarm only startles the amateur crooks, not the experienced ones. By the time you realize your alarm is going off for the RIGHT reason, you will have disabled it 2 times and when you go to finally see what's going on, your valuables are gone.

People are still stealing and harming children! Don't Be Stupid

With all that is going on, I still see people being relaxed with their children walking several steps ahead of them in public. Never leave your child anywhere without a watchful eye. NEVER let a child go into a public restroom by themselves ANYWHERE. There have been instances of perverts lurking about and sexually assaulting an child while their guardian is waiting nearby. All it takes is a minute..don't let it happen.

Hooray, you are prepared to head out into the jungle with your wits and Urban Sense.

If any of these do not work, RUN like hell.

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Yep, you're welcome!

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