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The Hell Of Being The Youngest Child: Funniest Ish Ever

My sister, Bridgette, and I are 5 years apart. It doesn’t seem like much now yet when we were younger, it seemed like lightyears apart. My sister, likely very annoyed with the fact that she now had to share the attention of our parents, was hell bent on a mission to destroy me. I was... Read more »

I Am Not Macklemore But I Am Still Effing Awesome: Confessions Of A Thrift Store Diva

Yes, I’ll admit it.  I shop at thrift stores. I don’t have any problem saying so because I don’t give a shit if anyone has anything to say about it. My best clothing pieces have come from second hand stores.  A beautiful pair of Jimmy Choo heels for the low, low price of $29.00.  Possibly,... Read more »