Why Some Weaves Should Be Illegal: A Rambling of Sorts

I was out shopping this weekend and enjoying the lovely weather we've been having. Hitting the stores and browsing, I saw this middle aged woman with a spectacular hat. It was quite unique and wasn't like an average or ordinary hat. This hat had something more.

Being that I was in a good mood, I like to compliment people when I see something they have that I take a liking to. It puts a pep in their step to receive a compliment and I feel better making another person's day. It sounds disgusting and cheesy, I know. Hey, it's the person I am.

So, back to this heaven of a hat. It was a black and red hat with ribbons of curled material all throughout. I wondered where she got this hat. I wondered if it would look good on me. I just had to compliment this woman, seemingly oblivious to the gorgeous creation sitting on her head.

"Excuse me, ma'am?" I chimed in as she shopped the racks. The hat lady turned around with a pleasant look on her face. "Yes, dear?"

"I just absolutely love, love, love your hat." I said, smile beaming. By the soured look on her face, I knew that I had done the wrong thing.

"It isn't a hat, it is a weave." she said annoyed.

I had called a weave a hat. Now, that I realized that it was a weave, it probably was the worst looking weave known to man. It was cute as a hat..but absolutely horrible as a weave.

A rambling of thoughts...

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