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I am not a white person, I just play one on TV: Protecting My Identity

I am clearly not white. However, my peers think I am because I love rock music. I’m not talking the music The Roots play in between sets to show their musical ability but the Metallica type of blow-your-wig-back type of rock. I love hip-hop too and any other sort of music that has heart. That... Read more »

Why Some Weaves Should Be Illegal: A Rambling of Sorts

I was out shopping this weekend and enjoying the lovely weather we’ve been having. Hitting the stores and browsing, I saw this middle aged woman with a spectacular hat. It was quite unique and wasn’t like an average or ordinary hat. This hat had something more. Being that I was in a good mood, I... Read more »

You Know You Live On The Southside of Chicago When...

…you aren’t even Irish but you go the the St. Patrick’s Day parade religiously. …you know a “guy” for everything from tires to cut rate beef steaks. …you honk before pulling from an alley into the street. …you’ve purchased the most useful things at the swap meet. …whether you’re white, black, Hispanic, you know at... Read more »