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Gay Marriage And All The Specklings In Between

Since Gay marriage has been everywhere in the media, those who oppose have made it their agenda to speak out against it. As a straight woman, I guess I never really cared much about it so long as my rights aren’t infringed. Being Catholic, I assume I am going against the grain by refusing to... Read more »

Top 6 Reasons I Love Being 33

On the 14th of this month, I made the BIG 33. I received tons of well wishes and the lovely question “How old are you?” floated in the air. Of course, I got a lot of worried looks when people found out how old I was. Some stepped back as though I would erupt with... Read more »

"I Like Big Butts"...But Using Fix-A-Flat To Get One? Hell No!

We all have something we’d like to change about ourselves. Some people don’t like their teeth, or want to change their hair color. I wouldn’t mind having a little extra cushion and lift in my booty-area. Yeah, I said, “Booty.” Seriously, I think my pants would fit so much better with a little help but... Read more »