Gay Marriage And All The Specklings In Between

Since Gay marriage has been everywhere in the media, those who oppose have made it their agenda to speak out against it.

As a straight woman, I guess I never really cared much about it so long as my rights aren't infringed.

Being Catholic, I assume I am going against the grain by refusing to interfere in the lives of others.

I am not trying to convince anyone to feel one way or another. Really, I am just expressing my thoughts on the matter.
Either way, I am going to hell in a handbasket.

I have heard people at the water cooler speak about Gay Marriage as if it were inhumane. They've even likened it to beastiality, "Well, if queers marry, then why can't I marry my dog?"

The mean and hurtful things that people say remind me of a time when the same was said of interacial marriage. It reminds me of that white friend who had a mother who threw away any glass that I drank from when I visited their home.

It is really all the same when you look at it close enough to see the bones and blood beneath the people fighting the good fight.

And even if it still seems sick and gross to you, understand that we all come into this life alone. We go through this journey attaching ourselves to people who enhance our life's purpose.

If we're lucky, we find someone worth spending the rest of our lives with and we commit to that person.

Gay Marriage isn't a threat to the Catholic, Baptist or Episcopalian faith. It doesn't threaten the Buddhists nor the Jews or the Muslims.

It challenges the goverment of 200 years ago that praticed regular racial, sex and faith segregation.

I will never forget the Gay couple that purchased a vacation home and asked me to help them find it.

When I met with them, I noticed one of the men was very sick and struggled to breathe. His partner told me that his mate was dying of stomach cancer and although he was dying, he deserved some happiness in his life.

In the next few weeks, they closed on their vacation home and lived there two months before Bruce passed away.

He died on the beach enjoying the sunset with his partner next to him.

We find people to take care of us when we're sick or life has beaten us until we've lost sight of ourselves. A partner shouldn't have a sex requirement. The only requirement is LOVE

I truly hope you take a look at life without regard to sexual preference, faith or color.

You'll find that the sky is brighter and the air is fresher...the water is crisper and all will live in harmony.

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