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Sandi Jackson's Past Birthday Celebrations: Another Brick In The Wall Of Corruption

I met the Jackson couple when I worked as Vice-President for a struggling non-for-profit organization. We weren’t looking for hand-outs but assistance in forging relationships that would assist in the growth and development of children in need. After much persistence, Jesse Jackson, Jr. agreed to meet with my colleague and I at our headquarters. The... Read more »

Overheard On The South Side: A Collection of Chatter

“Seriously, this was the ugliest girl I had ever met but she reminded me of my mom so that’s why we dated.” – Walgreens, Roosevelt and Canal “Sandy Jackson is a mess. I knew she was underhanded when she got her nose job. You’re a f*cking Alderman, not a Housewife of Beverly Hills.” –Valois, Hyde... Read more »

What My Father Taught Me About Valentine's Day: A Reflection

My father, a solid man, stood his ground in a house full of women. My mother, sister and I adored my father and listened for hours to his tall tales because we felt that if he told them they were likely true. My father, a proud man, spoke highly of “his girls” to strangers and... Read more »