The Blood Runs Cold: Joliet Paper Trivializes The Deaths of Two Black Men

Last Thursday, the residents of Joliet were shocked to hear the news of the homicides of 22 year old buddies, Terrance Rankins and Eric Glover. They were discovered Thursday evening in the home of Alisa Massaro strangled to death. The remains were mutilated in an attempt to dismember the bodies. Further reports swarmed about sexual activity being performed on the bodies. This is the grisliest crime Joliet has seen in a very long time. Story Details Here

Joliet Police were tipped off to the location of the home where Glover and Rankins were found. Alisa Massaro 18, Bethany McKee 18, Adam Landerman 19, and Joshua F. Miner 24, sat playing video games with the mutilated bodies nearby. The motive was perceived to be a robbery which was set in motion when the pair was invited over to Massaro's home for the evening.

There is no verified information about who carried out the deeds specifically, however, all are being charged with 6 counts of Murder in the 1st Degree.

The Joliet Herald posted an article online summarizing the event and made mention of the deceased, Eric Glover's, past criminal charge of Gun Possession in 2009. The newspaper even went further and posted a mug shot of Eric next to the suspects accused of killing him.

What the Joliet Herald failed to mention was the multitude of crimes the suspects, Joshua F. Miner and Adam Landerman had in the past.

Miner has a slew of criminal charges including Child Pornography, 2 orders of protection and Residential Burglary. Landerman, the son of a Joliet Police Sergeant, had charges of under aged drinking and criminal damage to property. The paper falsely reported that the 4 didn't have a criminal background originally

The newspaper and its handling of information is an outrage. The criminal past of a murder victim should not be publicized. It is totally irrelevant. By posting this information and not the criminal background of the suspects makes me wonder if race plays a role in the reporting of this crime.

The failure to initially report the criminal past of the white suspects and choosing to report the past of the black deceased makes me wonder if there is an attempt to justify this heinous act. The act is an attempt to trivialize the death of these black men. By refusing to list the criminal history of the suspects, the paper seemed to attempt to show the suspects in a positive light.

After numerous phone calls and e-mails to the paper by family, friends and other disgusted (black and white) citizens of Joliet, the paper submitted a different article to print summarizing the criminal offenses of Joshua F. Miner.

The Herald listed information today about the 2 orders of protection filed: one of which included a girlfriend who stated that Miner threatened to cut her her intestines out of her stomach and strangle her infant child with them while she lay bleeding to death. Other incidents include Miner branding a swastika on her buttocks while being tied down to a bed. The child pornography charge indicates Miner videotaping a woman having sex with a child.

The suspects, all white, one the son of a police sergeant were described to the public as if they had no criminal history. Yet, the victim, Eric Glover, was portrayed darkly as though his conviction, for which he served 24 months probation, was justification for this grisly crime against him. His mug shot, lined up next to the four mug shots of his murderers show that The Joliet Herald had no respect for this life tragically lost.

After many phone calls and e-mails to The Joliet Herald demanding a retraction, the paper wrote another article (without retracting the first), speaking of the criminal offenses of the suspects. A personal phone call to the editor was met with rudeness and inconsiderate behavior.

I hope that the paper makes the right choice and prints a retraction and an apology for disregarding the tragic demise of Eric Glover and Terrance Rankins. As journalists, we all should work hard to find truth and fact in our reporting and fight so that others do the same.

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