Sandy Hook Fundraising Event: Saturday, January 19, 2013

Healing Hearts" with blissfolds yoga®" is hosting a fundraising event benefiting the families of Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre.

100% of funds collected from this event will go directly to organizations in Connecticut working exclusively for those affected by this tragedy.

Note from Shalise Nichols, owner & instructor, blissfolds yoga®
"I was beside myself with emotion on December 14, 2012, arriving home after teaching a yoga class to children of the same age group as those at were killed at Sandy Hooks Elementary School. My mind was in a state of shock. My heart was heavy as I imagined the innocent faces of my students, much like the students in Sandy Hook: Young and beautiful children with the whole world in their palms.

I could not imagine the pain and feeling of hopelessness that the students, teachers, families, and neighbors felt.

Anguish washed over me, and in that moment I knew I needed to do something to create light where violence created darkness.

The victims are no longer here in the physical form but are not forgotten. Their lives were of great value and those who live without them are in need. Together, let us do what we can to assist in comforting the Sandy Hooks community. We can use our strength to rally up our neighbors and creative souls to make "Healing Hearts with blissfolds yoga®", a dynamic event of love and comfort.

Join me on Saturday, January 19,2013 from 3pm to 5:30pm for a silent auction and family activities.

This is not a black tie event and any monetary donation is appreciated.

Free Admission!

This is an open event and all are welcome to attend.

Hyde Park Neighborhood Club
5480 S. Kenwood Ave
Chicago, IL 60615
(773) 643-4082


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