Yes, We Should Exercise Our Right To Bear Arms Beyond The Four Walls.

Yes, We Should Exercise Our Right To Bear Arms Beyond The Four Walls.

People are on edge with the idea that Chicagoans can comfortably defend themselves legally with a firearm beyond the doors of their homes and/or businesses.

I am a believer that a gun may be the difference between being a hostage  or scaring off an attacker.

The argument has been that we need to concentrate on limiting the number of guns on the streets. However, many fail to realize that the law doesn't affect the the criminals who choose to carry guns.

Lets face it, criminals don't register guns and they surely don't apply for FOID cards.

The concealed-carry law could crack down on the level of crime against innocent Chicagoans.  Attackers will now think twice about committing the crimes that have involved many who didn't see the attacks coming.  By fighting this law, the City of Chicago could be empowering the criminals who plan to terrorize the community.  Understanding the parameters of the law alone could stop a would-be attacker dead in his/her tracks.

I'll never forget one day last summer, I drove through a tough neighborhood in my black SUV.  As I crossed the intersection, I saw an old Bronco do a U-Turn and approach quickly behind me.  It was about 9:00 PM and I was returning from the store with my child strapped in her car seat.  I knew that someone had been shot the night before and a rival gang, the Razas were following me.  They meant to settle the score.

All they saw was a black truck and a potential target.

I knew they had no clue who was driving but they intended to shoot someone and by the feeling in my stomach, I felt it was going to be my time.

I realized that I had my smoke tinted windows rolled up.  The Bronco's engine roared loudly as it cut off 3 cars and got along side of me.  My first instinct was to speed off but I decided against it as I had my child in the back.  Also, I rationalized the probability that speeding off would have made them think that I WAS a rival gang member.

They probably would have opened fire.

I could feel my heart thumping in my ears as the Bronco pulled up on the driver's side of my vehicle. The passenger, who had 3 teardrops on his face,  was leaned back and had both hands hidden.   In a quick moment,  I rolled my window down and when the two hooded gang bangers saw I was a scared female, they pulled off nearly hitting a man crossing the street.

I felt like throwing up. I'll never forget pulling off onto a side street shaking uncontrollably while hyperventilating. My child was screaming in the car seat because she had no idea what was wrong with me.

When I got home, it got worse when I considered what could have happened.  They could have pointed a gun at me through the glass and let it spray throughout the entire truck.

Or, I could have rolled down the window with my gun nearby ready to pop and get to a safe place.  I know it sounds like a far-fetched fantasy but I think even though I may be killed in the end, my gun could have given my child a better chance at survival if the situation escalated. They would not have been expecting return fire and likely would have fled before getting too many shots off.

There was also the time I had a large guy reach over me through my open window as I sat in my car waiting for coffee in the drive-thru at a McDonald's.  He was going for my purse.  I started rolling the window up on his arm hoping he wouldn't beat the shit out of me.  I imagine I would have an upper hand if I had a way to defend myself. Luckily, a good Samaritan saw us tussling and scared the guy away.

Seriously, I understand if you don't like guns but I believe that there is some benefit for all by having this legislature in place.  It will mean a safer place for everyone and for the first time, criminals will be gripped with fear that now citizens can begin defending themselves.  There should never be a time in your life when you feel completely helpless against the evil-doers of our community. They should not have control of our lives. This law allows us to regain the freedoms we've lost and sacrificed due to the malicious intent of another.

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  • Handguns I'll give you. I know you didn't mention it in the article, but I just have to ask why. Assault rifles is where I personally would have to draw the line. Why do we need semi-automatic weapons with the capacity to hold hundreds of rounds of ammunition in our society? Can't we find a way to keep the handguns and ban the assault rifles? Or if you have one you have to have the other? Just my thoughts...

  • In reply to Tony Carbon:

    Sure, Tony, guidelines should be clearly defined. I agree that automatic assault rifles have no place in our streets.

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