Next Time The World Ends: Don't Do This

Next Time The World Ends: Don't Do This


It is the end of the world, again.

I am sure there are people who fell for the nonsense kicking themselves for the choices they made pre-doomsday. Next time there is another end-of-world scare, you'll be prepared so that you don't look like a complete IDIOT!

5. Don't Curse Out The People You Work With:

As awesome it would have been to line each of your least favorite co-workers and walk the line saying to each,"F*ck You,....F*ck You,....F*ck You...", try to hold back.  You'll be forced to show up to work after the world is still here just to say with a fake grin,"AHHHHH, I got fell for it..hahahaha!" They will know you are a lying sack of shit.  You really felt that way about them and after back-handing your boss, you might be facing criminal charges.

4. The Drunken Drugged Sex Orgy?  Not A Good Look If You Are Alive The Next Day:

You chose 12/20/2012 as the day you'd try cocaine, mix all different types of alcohol and have unprotected sex.  Now, on 12/21/2012,  your head is spinning, you are vomiting Maxwell Street onions and itching "down there."

It isn't worth the risk.

3. Committing Crimes..Any of Them:

Sure, you always told yourself.."If I could get away with it, I would (Insert heinous crime here).

Since the world is here, and you are'll be spending time in the clink because you got caught. People that don't have anything to live for do dumb shit.

2.  Don't Build A Bunker Using All Of Your Savings:

If the world ends, and you burrow underground, you'll still have to emerge at the surface when your food supply runs out.  By then, everyone else will be dead and will be rotted and unsafe and you'll end up starving to death.  The money isn't going to help you and neither will building a bunker.

1. Don't Follow The Mayans:

Its unbelievable what people have deciphered from the ancient Mayan scripts about the end of the world.  There is no way that anyone can be 100 percent sure that 12/21 was the date that the Mayans predicted.  We are speaking of an era when people were documented to be 700 years old when in reality the Mayan perception of years was totally different than the present day measure we use.  Just stop paying attention to the nonsense and live your life as you normally would.  The end of the world could be any day but we shouldn't waste time waiting for it.

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Until next doomsday...Yep, you're welcome!


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