Jan 2, 2013 - Best Day To Set My Lifelong Resolutions


In the past, I have been known to step ahead of myself with setting my New Year's resolutions.  I'd spend the entire week after Christmas contemplating what I was going to change, give up, or start.

Over time, I became a person who jumped on "Resolution Bandwagons"; By February, I was back to doing the same old things and not even scratching a dent in what I planned to do to change my life. 

I was playing games with myself and setting up a lovely stage to fail on.

This year, I decided to wait until January 2nd to establish my resolutions because I needed another day to clear the fodder of everyone else's bullshit goals and concentrate on a concrete path to a better me.

The most unique part about this year's resolutions is that I plan to make them lifelong. 

Yes... I am a friggin maniac, I know. 

Seriously, why do anything for one year that you can't do for your entire life?  You are supposed to be improving yourself, right? There's no end date to that..or at least there shouldn't be.

Here is my list of lifelong resolutions:

1. Stop Paying For Bullshit:

Last month, my (enter obnoxious cable company) bill kept going up and like a fool, I kept paying it.  Every time I'd call in, they'd shave off a dollar here and a nickel there. At the end of the day, I realized that I was paying way too much for cable. 

I called the company and after realizing that they weren't willing to go lower, I told them to cut the service off.

They tried to discourage me in so many ways.  Even how much of a hassle it would be to return the
equipment was mentioned (Seriously, I am throwing shit in a box..not hard to do). They even offered promos with a contract. 

I just threw in the towel and said I will not pay for bullshit.

I watch Netflix in my house a lot and I realize I get so many channels on regular television.

With cable, I had 200 channels and I only enjoyed 5. Why pay for 200?

The time will come (Sons of Anarchy season) when I will want cable again.

When I am ready, I will get it on MY terms for the lowest price.

2. Stop Being So Negative /Hanging Out With Negative People:

I have decided to be more positive in my lifelong dealings. 

Additionally, I am cutting the cord to all negative people.  I know someone right now who will literally suck the positivity right out of of any situation because their shit isn't in the right place: Physically, mentally, emotionally, WHATEVER!

That person will get my voicemail.

3. Get Rid Of Crap...Today

We all have things that we hold on to for various reasons.  Then there are things we keep just because its there.

Get rid of that shit!

I will only keep what I use and NOT what I PLAN to use. 

This includes paying attention to what goes in my refridgerator so that I don't forget that it's there. 

Those clothes that have been sitting in a plastic bag ready to be donated won't take itself to Goodwill, I have to do it.

4. Know That Time Is More Valuable Than Money:

I won't waste time doing dumb shit. 

Time is something you can never replace so dealing with things that are a waste of your precious time is like taking your moments here on earth and flushing them down a dirty toilet.

Don't do it!

I was a part of a project that involved a lot of my time. My plate was full. I was advancing my education, just had a baby and got a new job. AND it seemed that my time on this project was not appreciated.

Creatively, I was drained and I needed to prioritize.

As soon as I did that, I cut the project and my schedule was manageable again.

I can't get back the time I spent on the project but I can enjoy other things that ARE worth my time.

5. Eat Healthy...Always.

I would say I've been a healthy eater for most of my life. Yet lately, I've been slacking off. I don't eat fruit and veggies as much as I should.

No one wants to be in a position in which their health prevents them from doing the things they enjoy most.

Making a few changed in my diet can help me live longer.

There you have it. My life isn't going to be filled with false promises I've made. Instead, my life will be enriched with the permanent enhancements I've dedicated my heart and soul to keep up.

I am not perfect but I enjoy the ability to create change in my life in the most positive of ways.

It is like running my fingers through the soft flow of ripples in water: It doesn't take very much to change the direction of those ripples and it doesn't change the fact that it was water to begin with.

Maybe you'll decide to change your life forever instead of temporarily.

I hope the resolution you choose is an obtainable one and you conquer it for years to come.

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Yep...you're welcome!

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