27 People Dead, Mostly Children In Connecticut: The Evil That Plagues Us

27 People Dead, Mostly Children In Connecticut: The Evil That Plagues Us
The Angel of Death Victorious Photo- Lakeview Cemetery, Cleveland / Indulgy Tumblr PAge

My jaw dropped this morning when I saw news of the shootings in a Newtown, Connecticut elementary school. Many news outlets report 27 confirmed dead with a large number being children.  I am sick to my stomach thinking about the victims of this tragedy. I cry when I place myself in the shoes of the parents who learned that their children would not be coming home from school ever again.

All we know about the gunman, who killed himself, was armed with 4 weapons and a bullet-proof vest.

No one knows motive of this crime at this time. Some might assume, but no one will ever know.

Yet, we all wonder, what the hell was he thinking?

I don't know this: However, I know the reason for the insanity we've seen:

The evilness of this world is born and bred in the human form.  We smile with them, we welcome them into our homes.  They look like you or I.

Of course, we'll never understand the mindset of someone without a conscious.  Nor can we grasp the values of someone with no morals.

We just know that some time...

some day...

the evil bred deep down into their souls will come out to play.

One day, it may remove you from the face of the earth, the next day...me.

Whether you are religious-minded or not, you can see the evil that plagues our world.

We are walking amongst a people who know no limits to the destruction they cause.  We are being attacked by them in our daily lives.

We are at war.

The righteous people who think twice before infringing upon the freedoms and livelihood of another are being hunted.

Our children, who know of nothing other that the things we expose them to, are lined up like sheep to a slaughter.

I believe that we need to suit up and become spiritually, mentally and physically ready to protect ourselves.  This filth that binds us to our homes because we fear dying in our offices, malls, movie theaters and schools needs to be erased from the face of this earth. How many more people have to die before we collectively take a stand to reclaim our lives and the right to live comfortably in the world that was provided to us.

Already, I have people in my ear saying that guns created this issue.  I don't believe that statement is true.  People who have nothing to live for create this issue.  We are forced to suffer for their lack of respect of human life.  By attempting to disarm me from protecting my family is allowing those who intend to do me harm opportunity to carry out their actions.

Gun control doesn't restrain the evil beings who set out to wipe us from the earth like mud on the heel of a shoe.

The world may not be coming to an end on 12/21, but I assure you that we walk amongst many who don't give a shit about tomorrow.  Be very aware of your surroundings.

Hug your loved ones and tell them you love them.

With Love & Respect,



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