So, You Aren't Voting? Here's What I Think About That.

It is time for many of us to head to our respective polling places and cast votes. There are several Americans even still that refuse to vote in the upcoming election.  Unfortunately, there are many of those non-voters that have motives that aren't clear and others that believe they are protesting government by not choosing to vote.


Here's what I have to say to those who choose not to vote:


You have failed to understand that the choice made to waive the right to vote doesn't exempt you from the final result of the election.


The way we all live is affected negatively or positively by government whether we take a stand or remain solvent in the mix of politics and capitalism.

The hot button issues of abortion, war, health care and tax have been the main focus of both candidates.

Any one of these will affect you directly regardless of the decision to not vote.  That is exactly why I believe that it is important to make the choice that more closely fits your ideals for the American way of life.

"Oh, it's just selecting the lesser of two evils.",  an old friend of mine argued.

Thanks, Captain Obvious!

Not to be rude; but isn't that how every election  is?

The goal is to choose whoever will cause less damage to your way of living the American dream...whatever that means to you.

Yet choosing not to vote doesn't make you an makes you UNDECIDED.

What's worse, is that the decisions you make..or in this case, choose not to make..not only affect you...they will affect your children..

Your elderly parents..

Your gay brother...

Your sick neighbor.

Many before us have died trying to exercise this same right that we are now granted.

If you don't believe in the thought of Democracy, what do you believe in?

The Communist government of North Korea with its Juche way of life?

Or do you prefer the constitutional monarchy system of Canada?

The theocracy of Iran?

I am sure none of these structures appeal to you.

We are a nation of people who can hold our heads high while walking into a polling place.

We don't have to be escorted to avoid being killed because we threaten the system with our voices.

We can proudly display our choices publicly for all to see.

Be a proud American...


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Yep, you're welcome!


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  • Yes! We expect our leaders to make a lot of difficult choices, so the least we can do as citizens is make one difficult choice every 4 years. (Actually, I want people to vote more often for that for state and local races, but at minimum people should vote in presidential elections.)

    No candidate is perfect because no person is perfect. Vote.

  • I hope that those going to vote are at least educated in the matters you mention and not just going to show up. An ignorant voter is more dangerous than a loaded gun pointed at your head.

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