Happy Native American Remembrance Day

Happy Native American Remembrance Day

Tomorrow is nationally known as Thanksgiving Day.


Its origins aren't exact but most believe that it is traced to a feast way back in Plymouth in the year 1621. Many accounts of the event placed Pilgrims with Native Americans amicably seated around a full feast of the recent harvest.

The story that is told in school textbooks doesn't always tell the complete truth.

The truth is that a large number of the Pilgrims arrived in Plymouth starving and diseased after enduring months at sea.  Many of them died very soon after their arrival to North America.  They were unable to understand the crop cycles of this land and the seedlings they brought from England could not withstand the unforgiving terrain here.

The Wampanoag tribe already residing there taught effective methods of soil tilling and fertilization through use of rotting vegetables and fish. They intended to assist their new neighbors so that they would survive the impending winter after seeing the Pilgrims bury many of their own.

In addition to having strong tomato, corn, bean and squash harvests; the Wampanoag were skilled deer hunters and made dried meat and fish to last the winter. The Natives perfected the hunting and preparation of Atlantic Sea Eel and Rock Lobster.

The Native American tribes assisted the Pilgrims in survival techniques that were passed along through generations of farmers in New England.

Of course, we know how the story ends for the Native American: Smallpox disease attacked their unsuspecting immune systems. Others were forced into slavery while some were killed due to their unwillingness to conform to Christianity.

As Americans, we should remember the plight of the Native American during this time.  The proud Wampanoag women who quieted the colic of the Pilgrim children by showing their mothers how to grind sassafras root for tea. Remember how the Native people shared the knowledge of survival with pale faces from an unknown land.

For my family and I, Thanksgiving is a day of remembrance of the Native American. We are thankful to have lives that are comfortable and full of more wants than needs.  We acknowledge the struggle of the Native people and their fight to this day for a place in their own land.

Do not forget.

Thank you so much for reading my blog. I am thankful for you and your support.

Have a blessed holiday!

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  • "Of course, we know how the story ends for the Native American..."

    You forgot casinos. Tribes are making bank arab money from casinos. The South Side of Chicago needs to build a Caesar's Palace filled with lush lounges and plenty of floozies.

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    Hey gwill, you think that casinos are the grand benefit for Native people? Some tribes have taken advantage of the casino cash flow but they are STILL victim to the system. Many others live below poverty levels in reservations battling alcoholism and much more. There are many displaced Native Americans struggling to survive.

    C'mon dude.

  • In reply to Joy Sinegar:

    Casinos are not the "grand benefit" of anything. Casinos do show the strength, economic ingenuity, and capitalistic wherewithal that is inherent in Native Americans. Things you cite, like poverty and alcoholism, can be found in every ethic group in the world, it's not just endemic to Native Americans. What many tribes have been able to clearly exhibit is their ingenious ability to adapt to the economic framework of this country. They have done a much better job of financially competing and thriving compared to many other ethic and racial groups in the U.S.

  • fb_avatar

    We aren't discussing every ethnic group in the world...We are talking about Native Americans....more specifically, the Wampanoag. Are we going to overlook the fact that millions died and many others forced to leave their land for the economic benefit of another?

    Some tribes receive monthly "residuals"...thanks a lot for the $4 check 500 Nations. It isn't as lucrative for many..it's only a few. The Native American population is out pacing any other ethnic group in the measure of poverty. In Montana, the unemployment rate has been 69% reservation-wide. 28% of Natives live under the poverty line while everyone is less than 15%. In Arizona, South Dakota and Utah..it is WELL over 50%.

    I don't know where you are getting your information from...but it is definitely inaccurate.

  • In reply to Joy Sinegar:

    Do you know why you only get a $4 check? Because you didn't start the casino. You weren't the one who sacrificed economic wealth. You weren't the one that had the ingenuity to say, "hey, let's start a business in our reservation." What do you expect to get? Closer to the $60,000 that the founders of Foxwoods get? You're not the founder, so why would you expect a big monetary award? Plus you have the gall to be mockingly ungrateful for the $4 leeching you are getting (on Thanksgiving Day no less!!!). We live in a capitalistic system, those few people that have the smarts, dedication, and luck to start things usually get most of the wealth, this is true with Native Americans as well.

    Plus I didn't throw out any numbers, you did. I said the casino framework exhibited the skill, gumption, and sheer brilliance of many Native Americans...if you think that statement is "inaccurate" then it shows your hatefulness, disregard and sheer low -expectation for Native Americans. Also, the numbers you did throw out are folly. Do you have any idea how hard it is to get accurate numbers concerning Native Americans?! In many reservations there are no telephone numbers, land lines...in many reservations there is a culture of protectiveness and distrust of outsiders....most government studies are utterly inaccurate, and many do not specify Native Americans who live on the reservation and those that live off the reservation, where there is a HUGE difference in economic lifestyle and stability.

  • In reply to gwill:

    I am going to say that those checks only come to those that made investments to help get the start up cash to open said casinos.... But you don't know anything about the ins and outs here.

    Instead of going back and forth..we can have a debate with numbers and facts and not speculation.

    I truly appreciate the comments

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