A Little Bit About Mommyhood and Being "Hood".

It's true that becoming a mother changes things.

Definitely, I have more patience, I smile more...I sleep less.

Yet, I can't seem to shake my intolerance for assholes and dumb asses.

I was at the mall the other day with my little one in the stroller when a guy on his cell phone walked head-on into us.  He spun around, grimaced,  "Geez, watch where you are going."

Then, I overheard him say to the person on the other line, "....Some dumb bitch..."

Scurrrrrrrrr!!!!!  <--- That's the sound of jogger stroller tires doing a U-Turn to follow that insensitive asshole.

My face was tingling with rage.

I was behind him moving full speed like a cracked out speed walker and I heard him say, "...I think she heard me.."

He tensed up when he heard my voice,"So I am a bitch?"

"..Ugh..no...I wasn't talking to you..sorry."

"Yes, you were asshole!  Let me tell you, you are the bitch...and whoever you're talking to on the phone is a bitch too.  A BIG BITCH at that."

I was furious.

I turned and walked away and overheard the guy as he got back on the phone...

"Ugh, Mom..."


I am horrible, I know.

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Yep, you're welcome.

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