Worst Pickup Lines Ever: A Chicago Compilation

In my time here in Chicago, I have experienced some interactions with others that you wouldn't believe.

The desperate pick up lines have topped every other locale I've been.

From too old sugar daddys to young knuckleheads, I have heard it all.

Here it is, folks.

My All-Time Worst Pickup Lines:

° "Girl, I wanna pay your light bill."

°"My wife put me out, can I move in?"

°"Does your man allow you to have boyfriends?"

°"I don't have any money but my rich dad is gonna croak any day."

°Shes not my wife, I just married her for papers...so call me."

°"I don't believe in dating so will you marry me?"

°"I am friends with Denzel Washington; Act like my girlfriend and I'll let you meet him."

Feel free to leave your own crazy pick up lines in the comments below and while you're at it follow me on Twitter @TheRealJoyRene.

Yep, you're welcome!

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  • After pulling up to the bus stop where I was standing:
    "Girl, can I take you out to Red Lobster?"

    One guy pulled up to me in a brand new black SS w/ smoked out windows after I got my groceries and was headed to the bus stop:
    "Livery! Do you need a ride?"
    When I refused, he got visibly angry and yelled:
    "I said I was livery and I would give you a ride! Get in!"

  • In reply to Woodlawn Wonder:

    I am horrible because I would have considered Red Lobster...lol.
    The livery one is sort of scary! He stopped just short of scary"Get in the car, dammit."

  • you should consider moving! you should also stop dating these guys

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