Vigilante Justice: Where The Hell Is Charles Bronson When You Need Him?

The City of Chicago is quickly become killer-capital with the rise of gang violence over the last 3 years.  Unfortunately, the terror has gripped the community with fear and many are afraid to walk the streets in broad daylight.

Chicago's violence knows no hour.  It doesn't care about age as it as consumed those as young as toddlers and others in retirement age.

As it has been said a thousand times over, "A Bullet has no name on it."

It just reaches its target and finishes the job.

I remember a time, when I lived for about six months in the Back of The Yards neighborhood on the southwest side of the City.  I heard an altercation in the alley outside my bedroom window and subsequently heard someone get capped 5 times in a row.  I heard a scream of pain and feet fleeing the scene of the crime.

Another teenager lay dead.

I drove through the neighborhood in broad daylight and saw a young man in a wheelchair.  He was paralyzed from the waist down after being shot himself in gang violence many summers before. He was sitting there in his motorized wheelchair, colostomy bag and all...repping his set.

Only death will stop him from being loyal to his crew.

The last straw came when I was driving down the street and a younger gang member blocked my car with his bicycle. He winked and said, "I could've have blown your brains out if you would have hit me."

He was a tall, lanky fuck with long braids and a brimmed hat turned.

I could have killed his 15 year old ass with my bare hands.

For a hot second, I imagined pressing the gas pedal to the floor and crushing him under the tires of my car.  I wondered if I could get away with it and figured I'd be doing a justice to all of those who are prisoners in their own community. I stared him down with a hot face and let him pass without incident.

I knew that I would end up killing someone if I didn't leave...Pronto.

I moved into my house shortly thereafter but I never forgot that.

One day, the day my child was born, I read that the bike gangster had met his fate.  He was shot and killed on the same bike.

Even though, you would expect me to feel good.  I felt horrible.  This young kid could have been something special: but now he's dead.

His homies returned the favor two-fold.

That weekend was noisy as 15 people died in gang shoot outs.

I often wonder how much longer people will live in fear and if some will take to the streets to even the score?

OF course, I believe in secure guns in the home...but why can't we police our streets and protect our children from the gang violence?

There needs to be a change in this City.  Train the masses to defend themselves. Pass the law to carry a concealed weapon and allow residents to secure their streets with visible weaponry.

Vigilante Justice is what this city needs to reclaim their city!

I would be the first member.

What about you?

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Yep, you're welcome!

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