I Am "Not A Child Of God"...He Says...

My morning commute is unchanging.


I always run into interesting and insane people and/or situations to highlight my day.

This particular morning, I was driving to my office down a very busy street on the City's southwest side.

The same guy I have always seen begging for change in the streets between lights was there like many mornings before this one.  I can remember that the last 5 years of Spring, Summer, Fall & Winter:  He has been a fixture on the street corner.

I have seen him other places too; outside of the liquor stores, drinking and chain smoking cigarettes. I've seen him pimping out some poor, toothless, homeless women who hangs with him from time to time.

Some days, different than this one, this guy would be holding up a sign saying that he is only seeking a dollar for food.  Another day, still unlike this one, he is shuffling about with a plastered frown mumbling something about, "God will bless you."

This man, a con, has told me stories from being deported, to going to jail, to having his children die and then another time, them being alive yet hungry.

This morning, the glorious actor was standing there with a balled up paper towel and  water bottle with a beautiful piss-colored liquid inside.

He was going to do me the favor of cleaning my windshield with that lovely concoction of spit, gutter water...and maybe piss.

My stomach sank as he spotted me sitting anxiously at the light, hoping the light would change before he made his way over.


This was the longest traffic light known to to man...

Next thing I know, I am glaring in the face of the eager window cleaner.

"Can I clean your windows for a dollar?"

"No, thank you." I reply.

"Come on, they need to be cleaned."

"No, thank you." I reply again.

"You are not a child of God...you are Satan."

He walked away with me in shock rustling for a suitable comeback.

There was none quick enough.

Who the hell did this moron think he was? Who was he to say such things?

"Hey asshole..." I yell through my open window.

"Fuck you and your bullshit ass stories.  A child of God wouldn't lie to folks to get a dollar and would get a fucking job."

His face turned red and he walked away hurriedly.

I never did take too kindly to those who preyed upon the charity of others. This guy is no exception.

My eyes burn after a day of staring into a computer screen all day. My head has become a trash can of numbers, letters, and stock market tickers.

I work hard to make a living and I don't ask for anything that I am not entitled to.

Yet, at the end of a long day, when I take my heels off, kick my feet up and drink a glass of wine, I realize that of all things I have, I deserve that period of relaxation.

Meanwhile, this man is begging for his pleasures and has shown no degree of hard work in any way shape or form.

The nickles, dimes, quarters and dollar bills who come from the pockets, purses and center consoles of the working stiffs on their way to work have no value to this man. He has no idea that someone has worked overtime to get that extra dollar he just lied for.

His soul is lost and he has relied on fuckery to make his income.

I refuse to lose my soul by financing his desire to drink out of brown paper bags and purchase single cigarettes at the bodega.

By choosing to do this...I AM a child of God.

I refuse to be made to feel otherwise.


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