School Day Funnies: Something To Help Cope With The CPS Strike


Funny Parents

Have you ever had your parents help you with your homework only to find out it was all wrong?

Well, it happened to me.

The teacher asked me if was I having problems at home.

I replied, "Yes, this "new" math shit is hard for adults too." 

Funny Lunch Memories

My dad was the king of saving a nickel by sending me with my own lunch that HE packed.

A country-bred man, my dad would fill my lunch pail with "vittles". 

Unfortunately, I forgot to check my lunch pail until lunchtime. 

Do you understand how ashamed I was to find a damn Red Mississippi hot sausage wrapped in a piece of white bread and a side of grits?

I loved my father to death..but damn...couldn't I have had a Lunchable?

I remember saying,"Dad, can I have American food next time?"

I love grits now..Ironic.

Funny School Clothes Incident

I went to a Catholic school so uniforms were mandatory.

My mom, the queen of cheap, decided to get in good with the parents of a girl that was graduating.

As a result, I got all of this girl's uniforms once she left St. Joe's.

It didn't matter to my mom that this chick was easily 6 feet 2 inches tall and I was (before my growth spurt), 5 feet tall.

I looked like something out of Little House On The Prairie.

The hems of the skirts were mid-calf while everyone else's hit the knee.

Of course a mysterious stain appeared rendering the skirt useless.

I am horrible, I know.

Funny School Picture

School pics were coming up and I wanted bangs.

Nice flowy ones...

Everyone was wearing them. Why couldn't I?

The answer to that question is "because your mom is going to cut them. "

The result was the Apocalypto style bangs in the picture featured.

Yes, like this.

There was nothing flowy about that.

I was not amused as you can see.

My mom was playing designer as well and convinced me that Ben Franklin style ascots were cool.

Not so much...

I hope I made you laugh!

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Yep, you're welcome!

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    This is hilarious! But I think your school picture is adorable! I decided to go home with my friend. We were in the second grade and rode the bus together. I took her up on her invitation and got off the bus at her stop and went to her house. We had a ball. She and her big brother were home until her mom returned from work at 7 pm. I bet you can guess she was not so happy to see me. My mother's hair was gray when she came to pick me up. Relieved but we find it humorous that little kids can innocently make their own agendas. I enjoyed this post! :)

  • In reply to Romeldia Salter:

    Romeldia, thank you so much for reading. You are nice to say the picture is cute when i know it is atrocious! Lol

    I am sure your mom nearly died when you didnt get off of that bus. Lol. Luckily, those were better days and kids werent getting kidnapped like crazy.

    We sound like we had great and adventurous childhoods!!

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