Overheard On The South Side: A Hilarious Gathering Of Conversations In The City

"I cannot wait for this strike to be over. My kids are so annoying."-Food 4 Less, 47th & Damen.

"So then this bitch says to me.."When are WE leaving?" And I was wondering where the hell she got "WE" from? Worst date ever!" - White Palace, Roosevelt and Canal

"He has this weird relationship with his mom. They kiss on the lips. I vomited in my mouth because when I kiss him, I kiss her. Ewww!"
-DSW, Canal St

"The tourists always walk like they've shit their pants. I hate manuevering around these people!"
-Buckingham Fountain

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  • The first comment was clearly made by an idiot. I bet she took her kids to school last Monday and had no idea that the teachers were on strike.

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