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The Mentality of A Chicagoan: Why You Aren't Like Everyone Else.

I came to Chicago from Joliet some years ago and was able to see the differences between regular logic and the insane logic of a Chicagoan. If you are a born and bred native of Chicago, then I apologize in advance for any hurt feelings that may result from this post. If you know anything... Read more »

Overheard On The South Side: A Hilarious Gathering Of Conversations In The City

“I cannot wait for this strike to be over. My kids are so annoying.”-Food 4 Less, 47th & Damen. “So then this bitch says to me..”When are WE leaving?” And I was wondering where the hell she got “WE” from? Worst date ever!” – White Palace, Roosevelt and Canal “He has this weird relationship with... Read more »

School Day Funnies: Something To Help Cope With The CPS Strike

Funny Parents Have you ever had your parents help you with your homework only to find out it was all wrong? Well, it happened to me. The teacher asked me if was I having problems at home. I replied, “Yes, this “new” math shit is hard for adults too.”  Funny Lunch Memories My dad was... Read more »

9/11, The Arab and I: A Reflection

We all can remember where we were on the fateful day of 9/11. I was in white collared hell inside the Hancock Center. Alarms went off and we were forced to evacuate into the crowds of Michigan Avenue. Many were sad but most of us were terribly angry. I could overhear the conversations: “Those fucking... Read more »

Ode To Whomever Steals My Tribune Every Sunday Morning.

Damn you. The Tribune is cheap enough for you to get your own subscription. I hope you lose the coupons inside and are forced to pay full price…forever. I am working on a way to catch you. Imagine an imaginary string or a cage that drops down on you as you step on my porch... Read more »

Overheard on The South Side 8/31/2012

“When are you going to stop screwing your ex-wife?” -Jewel, Roosevelt “I am Jewish and John is black. My mom is gonna fu*king die when she finds out.” – Eleven City Diner, 11th & Wabash “Where the hell did I park? I hate when you forget where I parked. That’s your job.” -Ford City Mall... Read more »