Quick Cup o' Joe & Short But True Story With Joy: A South Side Exclusive 8/31/2012

So, I am at a red light this morning on my way to the gig and a white work van pulls up next to me with two men inside:

Driver: "Pssst...Pssst." (Trying to get my attention)

Me: "Can I help you?" (Highly annoyed).

Driver: "I want to f@ck you."

Me: "Won't your boyfriend sitting next to you get jealous or is he the type that likes to watch?"

A few seconds of silence, then:

Driver: (Blank stare because I am obviously crazy) "Where you from?"

Me: "I am from a small town called "Fresh off a muther______'s ass and you hoes are making me homesick."

The light turns green and I pull off leaving the jackholes there to feel the burn.

In the end:
I am happy I was raised in Joliet and I watched the late, great Robin Harris' stand-up at some point in my life. Otherwise, I likely would have cried through three green lights wondering how people can be such perverts.

I imagine those guys are likely still trying to figure out where "Fresh off a muther_____'s ass is.

I relish in that thought.

Hey, I am so glad we got together to chit-chat. Feel free to leave your comments in the section below and while you are at it, follow me on Twitter @TheRealJoyRene.

Yep, you're welcome!

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