Overheard On The South Side - August 8, 2012

"Why does she think she looks good? Who in the fu@k wears Ugg Boots in August?" -- Green Line near 35th St.

"Liar, you know these Chinese people don't eat the stuff here at the buffet. You see their skinny asses eating vegetables in the back." - Hibatchi Buffet, Bedford Park, IL

"Women everywhere are tripping about this black girl in the Olympics and her hair. I know half those bitches don't have a job. Bitch, she can afford 40 million of those busted-ass weaves you wear." -- Cosmo Beauty, 63rd & Cottage

"I just want to speak to a manager who doesn't use "like" as much as you do." - Best Buy, Roosevelt location, Chicago

"Yes, sir, someone bit a slice of the bread and put it back in the bread bag, dammit." Jewel 35th & King, Chicago

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