Zip Your Pie Hole! 5 Things Men Should Never Say To Women

Of course you noticed my last article about the things that we women should never say to the men in our lives.

I'll bet you thought the men who read my articles would be off the hook, WRONG... DEAD WRONG.

Guys are known for saying the most unsettling shit to their women. It's almost pathetic.

I believe my list will help those who don't want to be FOREVER ALONE!

Here It Is:

5 Things Men Should NEVER Say To Women:

5. You're Shopping...AGAIN?

Just because men can live for years with 4 outfits in their closet doesn't mean we have to. We are women, and we like to have some variety when it comes to putting clothes on.

I will NOT wear the same dress to one friend's wedding if I know that people who saw me in it before will be there.

I may be extreme but I admit that I like to have options for those days I feel bloated and need to wear something sexy. I can't wear the same bra that I would wear on a normal day for working out!

If you buy heels, you have to have flats.., get it? No?

You just don't understand guys, let us shop and shut up.

4. "Your Friend Is Cute."

I think men have been shot behind these sort of comments.

I can't ever think of a scenario where this would be OK. When in doubt, think about how you would feel if your woman told you that your buddy was a looker.

You would probably drive yourself crazy building scenarios of them hooking up behind your back.

Just don't do it.

3. "Why Can't You Be Like So & So's Wife?"

This is almost like stabbing a woman right in the chest.

You are basically telling her that she isn't good enough for you and being like someone else would make you happy.

She will likely tell you to go screw yourself and while you're at it, screw "So & So's" wife too.

When in doubt, shut your mouth.

2. "Your Friends Are Whores."

Your girlfriend has single friends? So what?

Just because her friends are dating and living the single girl life doesn't mean that your girlfriend is forced by code to play single too.

It only means that she has single friends.

If you can't trust her then it isn't her friends that you need to blame. It's her!

1. "I Wish Your Boobs Were Bigger."

Aww, the "Wish" game:

Played by many but never won.

Never say you wish your girlfriend's boobs or butt or any other piece of her was different.

Trust in the fact that she too can play the "Wish" game.

She could wish you had more hair on your head.

It would be nice for her too if you didn't fart in public.

She could also wish your feet didn't smell.

We all have faults, just don't try to point them out. You will LOSE!

I hope you live to see another day in this world of women. Leave your comments (good or bad) in the section below. And while you're at it, follow me on Twitter @TheRealJoyRene.

Yep, you're welcome!

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