Yes, Beavers said, "He's a rooster without nuts." Seriously?

Cook County Commissioner William Beavers was on the news this afternoon answering to the media in regards to federal tax evasion charges. He believes that he is being harrassed because he refused to wear a wire.

The problem is that he is accused of not paying federal taxes for $68,000 he got from his campaign. These cases happen in Illinois and all across the nation. We've been here before, haven't we?

What's shocking is what Beavers said about U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald during his press conference:

"For three years, Fitzgerald has been hounding me. I'm gonna try to hound him for the next six months," Beavers said. "He's a rooster without nuts. That's a capon."

Unfortunately, this public stunt will hurt the case that the Commissioner claims is an attempt to get revenge for refusing to assist the F.B.I by providing surveillance in the case against other government officials. Beavers mentions being approached by feds and being asked to wear a wire to trip up Richard M. Daley's brother, John Daley, a fellow commissioner.

“They tried to get to me to become a stool pigeon, and I wouldn’t become a stool pigeon,” “They wanted me to wear a wire on John Daley. Shit.”

John Daley claims to not know what Beavers is talking about and one has to wonder if Beavers is trying to change the public's focus from this fiasco to Daley, an innocent bystander. “It’s pretty obvious what this is about, and this has nothing to do with me. I have never taken my [commissioner’s expense account] from Day 1.”

It seems like name-dropping is another attempt by Beavers to push the public's mind from the real issue at hand: Tax Evasion.

Regardless of whether or not this is true: This trial kicks off in December and the "nut-less" insult will be there taking centerstage. And if John Daley was never a focus of an investigation, then Commissioner Beavers lied through his teeth on video which cracks his already tarnished image.

Commissioner Beavers has self-titled himself as "The Hog With the Big Nuts."

I wonder what Chicago gossip "The Hog" has in store for Chicago when the trial starts in December?


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