Funny Things Overheard On The South Side: Summer Edition

"Emmanuel needs to worry less about those damn kids and more about these goddamned potholes." - White Palace

"I've been going through a phase where I want to tattoo my whole body." Clarke's, Hyde Park

"Hey lady, I saw you blew your nose but didn't wash your hands." Coculas on Pulaski

"What do you mean do they make your butt look big? Your butt IS big." Carson's Ford City

"Can I get refills on the candy too?" AMC Ford City Theater

"We aren't Muslim. I named my child Mustafa because I like The Lion King." - CVS, Hyde Park

"I need you to figure out how to turn this phone on. I've had it 2 weeks." Sprint, Hyde Park

"Oh God, that bathroom smells like death." - Forman Mills, Back of The Yards

"I tell you how much I hate that shirt and you keep wearing it." Sally's, 47th & Kedzie

These are actual blurbs overheard on the South Side of this glorious city. Feel free to leave comments in the section below and while you're at it, follow me on Twitter @TheRealJoyRene and on Facebook at

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