62 Year Old Rogers Park Man Killed In "Game" By 3 Teens: Why They Should Rot In Jail, Forever.

On July 10, 2012, during the early morning hours, Delfino Mora, a 62 year old father of 12, was attacked in an alley in Rogers Park while he was collecting cans for extra money. He was found lying in blood and vomit by a passerby and taken to St. Francis Hospital in Evanston, IL where he died the next day.

The cause? Blunt force trauma to the head.

Delfino Mora

The culprits in this attack may have gotten away with murder if it weren't for one of the teens involved posting a video of the attack on the social media site, Facebook.

After many sharing the video, a friend of the victim's son saw it and alerted the family.

Authorities were able to make the arrests of the teens:

Malik Jones, 16, Nicholas Ayala, 17 and Anthony Malcolm, 18 have been formally charged with 1st degree murder.

Nicholas Ayala & Anthony Malcolm
Nicholas Ayala (left), Anthony Malcolm (right)

On the video, which was shot by a steady hand on a cell phone, Malik Jones announced that he was going to "knock out this muthafucker."

Jones then gave the phone to Ayala and Malcolm who proceeded to record the event. Jones asked Mora what he had in his pocket, roughed him up and then cold-cocked the senior citizen in the jaw forcing him to fall and hit his head with a sickening thud on the concrete.

Then, the cackles of laughter infiltrated the video as they run away.

Of course, Delfino Mora, who was disabled due to an accident at work, would be a prime target to these low lifers. It is unfortunate that they did not pick a fight with someone who had full use of both of his arms.

It saddens me to see that Mora's family, seemingly close knit, will have to go through life wondering why their lives were shattered for no reason at all.

The Mexican immigrant from the state of Michoacan was a target because these punks KNEW he could not and would not fight back.

I've heard others say that the teens involved were "lost" and needed guidance. That is a bullshit explanation for the senseless crime that took place. We mustn't forget the callousness of their actions.

Lost or not, they KNEW what they did was wrong. They just didnt care enough to turn themselves in.

Stupidity was the cause of their undoing.

They boasted of the crime on numerous occasions on Facebook.

Although I am sure they didn't expect Mora to die, they had no regard for his pain. That video was posted with the intent to make fun of the situation.

They made light of the damage THEY delibrately caused.

On this hot day, that poor soul lay for three hours in the blistering heat suffering while the killers uploaded the evidence of the crime.
Tossed away like trash amongst the garbage cans.

Neither of the three showed an ounce of mercy.

These murderers boldly used their ACTUAL profiles to share and comment on the video.

These sick bastards looked for recognition. A "damn dude" posted in the comments got a "lol" from the culprit.

What's so fucking funny, asshole?

Others may say that the parents of these teens are to blame. I have met many children who were brought up in the worst conditions.

It didn't matter.

From crack whore mothers to absent dads, they didn't hit disabled senior citizens.

They didn't kill, they strived for better.

I refuse to accept excuses for this man's death. Who is to say that this was not something that the teens engaged in before?

Malik Jones appeared to be quite comfortable with the scenario and carried it out without hesitation.

I am sure that if the trio happened upon another man who could be a threat, they would have walked away.

Whoever thinks this wasn't calculated by true bad asses is blind.

The weak was dominated.

These bums deserve to die, but will likely live long lives.

It appears the world is coming to an end. What happened to the mantra engrained into the heads of many children, "Respect your elders."?

What time are we living in where teenagers consider it sport to take a man's life?

A man who collected cans just to get up and out of the house.

A man who never even intended to fight back.

A man who played guitar with his grandson.

A man who spent 40 years happily married to his wife.

A man who thought July 10, 2012 was just another day.

I implore the judge and the jury involved to hand down a stiff penalty for these sub-human beings that were allowed to walk among us.

Life without the possibility of parole is the minimum punishment that they should receive.


To the family of the victim: I hope that someday you will find closure and your heart will be strong enough to move on. I assure you, the dull pain will never leave but the beautiful memories you have of you patriarch will outweigh this horrifying experience in time.

May God bless and keep you.

To all of you out there! Stand up for the weak, demand respect and don't be afraid to puff out your chest and demand,

"Leave that person alone!"

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Yep..you're welcome!


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  • Joy,

    This is one of the best commentary to this tragic event that I have read. I agree with you wholeheartedly. Who wakes up one day & decides to kill someone for sport? Actions have consequences. They will get what they deserve, & no one should shed a tear.

  • In reply to RobN:

    RobN thank you so much for reading. I am glad you enjoyed this piece. I appreciate you!

  • What had happen to Chicago? I admit when I grew up I was so blind to what was happening in the hood because my day was filled with attending Hyde Park, the Woodlawn Chicago boys club and the Jackson park fieldhouse. I had so many of my Hyde Park classmates asking me about the blackstone rangers, and I would tell them BS ain't no gang in my hood. That's how blind I was simply because my world was not in the hood. I grew up with every leader of the Rangers and knew them personality, I had cousins and brothers who were part of the gang life and did not even know it.

    When I left Chicago to go to College at southern university- baton rouge, la the gangs exploded. Not only did they turn into some serious bad guys they were the forecast of the future to come.

    Right now Chicago had no regard for life everytime I read a Chicago paper on the web the murders and shooting are just like living in the old west. It seems that anybody with a gun or evil intent have no regard for anyone else's life.

    The idea that you just attack and beat some one to death and play it on the net man where had the humanity gone?

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