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A South Side Exclusive: Joy's Top 11 (NOT 10) All Time Hip Hop Favorites

Music has a way of moving the soul. It becomes the soundtrack of life and most of us can always remember where we were when the hottest album dropped. As true music heads, we lived for the beats and the rhymes. Life had a different meaning because music was an important part of all that... Read more »

62 Year Old Rogers Park Man Killed In "Game" By 3 Teens: Why They Should Rot In Jail, Forever.

On July 10, 2012, during the early morning hours, Delfino Mora, a 62 year old father of 12, was attacked in an alley in Rogers Park while he was collecting cans for extra money. He was found lying in blood and vomit by a passerby and taken to St. Francis Hospital in Evanston, IL where... Read more »

Zip Your Pie Hole! 5 Things Men Should Never Say To Women

Of course you noticed my last article about the things that we women should never say to the men in our lives. I’ll bet you thought the men who read my articles would be off the hook, WRONG… DEAD WRONG. Guys are known for saying the most unsettling shit to their women. It’s almost pathetic.... Read more »

Shut Your Face! 5 Things Women Should Not Say To Men

We women are the know-it-all beings placed on earth by a force with a huge sense of humor. It is within our bones to be judgemental at times and down right annoying. Men, of course, have more than their share of faults that often need to be dealt with by the women in their lives.... Read more »

Funny Things Overheard On The South Side: Summer Edition

“Emmanuel needs to worry less about those damn kids and more about these goddamned potholes.” – White Palace “I’ve been going through a phase where I want to tattoo my whole body.” Clarke’s, Hyde Park “Hey lady, I saw you blew your nose but didn’t wash your hands.” Coculas on Pulaski “What do you mean... Read more »

Natural Hair Movement: It IS Just Hair, Not A Movement, Right?

Natural Hair Movement: It IS Just Hair, Not A Movement, Right?
Here it is: I’ve always had a love/hate relationship with my hair. Every Saturday morning, I begged my mother to hot comb my hair bone straight so that I could show off my mid-back length. For those of you who don’t know what a hot comb is: Yes, it is that ancient looking piece of... Read more »

Why Acting Like A Toddler Is The Key To Happiness.

No one prepares us for the day we become full-blown adults. It seems as though our lives change overnight from pizza and caffeine fueled all nighters to wanting to be in bed by 10 pm. I’ve learned to accept adulthood and buckled down to being a responsible human being. However, my life is good because... Read more »

Yes, Beavers said, "He's a rooster without nuts." Seriously?

Cook County Commissioner William Beavers was on the news this afternoon answering to the media in regards to federal tax evasion charges. He believes that he is being harrassed because he refused to wear a wire. The problem is that he is accused of not paying federal taxes for $68,000 he got from his campaign.... Read more »

Why Moving To Canada Is A Horrible Idea: A South Sider's Perspective

Why Moving To Canada Is A Horrible Idea: A South Sider's Perspective
Since ObamaCare has been everywhere in the news the past few days, I’ve seen several social media commentaries from those that oppose the health care plan. They vow to move to Canada because they see that “America is falling apart.” Their logic concludes that Canada is a better place for Americans looking for change. I... Read more »