What $32 Bought Me At The Swap This Weekend

What $32 Bought Me At The Swap This Weekend
Yes. $4

I love deals so whenever I want to find one, I head over to the Swap-O-Rama located at 4100 S. Ashland Avenue on the south side of the city. If you haven't been, I am telling you..GET YOUR ASS THERE! You can find everything from bicycles to toilets at an awesome price. This past weekend, I got some kick ass deals:

$4 - Mirror lens aviator style glasses. Of course, they aren't brand-name but they serve a purpose. Besides, they look pretty cool too. See, how cool I am in the pic? Plus, if I lose them at the beach, I don't feel like I've died inside, I just go grab another pair.

$20 - 3 Summer Dresses. Yes, not one, or two..but three nice breezy knee length summer dresses. Two are of the halter top variety while the other has straps. They are made cheap but look nice and will last me this summer as long as I hand wash them.

$8 - 2 Large, Fragrant Lily Plants. These go great on my mantle at home and they come back every year. Home Depot was charging an arm and a leg (and some fingers too) for lillies last week. I figure I have saved myself $15 by buying them here.

Next weekend, Be There!!

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Yep, You're Welcome!

Swap-O-Rama is located at 4100 S. Ashland Ave, Chicago, IL 60609

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