South Side Bucket List: 10 Things To Do Before I Take A Dirt Nap.

Life is the longest thing you'll ever do but you better fill it with fun things while it lasts. Why not laugh death in the face by vowing to enjoy every day that you are given with vigor? I promised myself to never say what I can't do. I also force myself to be accountable when I say I WILL do things. Nothing says "Screw You, Self" when YOU lie to YOU. If you can't depend on yourself, then who the hell can you depend on?


I am going to share my list with you. Some of these things I have done but I want to show you my quest with hope that I will fuel yours.

Here is my list:

10. Learn to ride a motorcycle:

I learned to ride a motorcycle on my 30th birthday. Two years and two bikes later, I still ride. The road to learning was a tough one: I didn't realize how strong the front brake is and went sliding down the pavement like I was going for home base. I sat on my butt with my lip poked out ready to cry. My husband asked,"You want to quit?" I replied, "Today! Yes, for today, I want to quit." I went home defeated that night and went hard the next day and each day after until I learned.

09. Go Wave Running & Scuba Diving:

In Cozumel Mexico, I decided to try Scuba Diving and Jet Skiing. We were in the thick of the Caribbean sea when our wave runner flipped over and sank slowly to the bottom. I looked down and watched it disappear into darkness. I felt like panicking as I felt slimy things slither around my body below.

I told my husband, "If we live, I am going to kill you."

After the longest 10 minutes in history, an attendant came out to save us. The young man helped my husband on to the rescue runner and jumped on behind him:

"What the f*ck?"

I was tricked into holding on to the back of the runner sucking in gas fumes and salt water as we rode to safety.

The attendant said something about trying to evenly distribute the weight on the runner.  However, I think he was trying to cop a feel on my husband and hoped that I became detached and drowned somewhere out to sea.


My husband claimed he was "only following orders.."

Anyhow, that experience delayed the Scuba Diving portion of my list. Maybe next year.

08. Get a Tattoo

Hurts like

07.  Go See Bob Marley's Resting Place In Jamaica

Anyone who knows me..knows that I love Bob Marley.  It would do my soul some good to go pay homage by visiting his birthplace and even seeing where he grew up.  I haven't been to Jamaica yet but I do plan on making it a priority for 2013.

06. Go Bungee Jumping

This is something I've wanted to do for some years but just haven't built up the courage.  I just imagine yelling like a mad woman and flailing my arms as I plummet toward the earth pissing on myself the whole way down.

Pretty, I know.

05. Go To Disney World:

YES, I have never stepped foot in Disney and as much as an evil person that makes me, I think I need to see one Disney Parade before I check out.  I've heard stories of grown adults bursting into tears from the overwhelming experience.  Seriously, I'll try really, really hard not to cry.

04. Go To Africa:

Africa is a continent with many things to discover.  I would like to visit every country in Africa in a span of a couple of months.  This trip would cost an arm and/or a leg so I need #3 to come through. It would be great to see the pyramids and then check out the Serengeti.

03. Win The Lottery

I'll have to say that I have been pretty close to winning the Mega Millions by a number but it was never my time.  I think I deserve the Illinois State Lottery sliding me a few million after all of the hardships I have endured as a resident of Illinois.

02. Meet Robert DeNiro

He is a pretty awesome actor and it would be the shit to shake his hand.  He could even bring Joe Pesci.

01. Don't Do A Damned Thing

For once in my life, I want to be able to do nothing at all.  No obligations or deadlines, I just want 1 friggin' hour to myself!!!As a mom and a wife, that's next to impossible to have any me time.  I have to pretend to be doing the do in the bathroom to have some time to myself.  I even throw in a few grunts to make it all believable.

Thanks peeps, for letting me share my bucket list with you.  Feel free to leave your bucket list in the comments below:  While you're at it, follow me on Twitter @TheRealJoyRene or find me on Facebook.


Yep, you're welcome!



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