Overheard On The South Side: A Hilarious Gathering of Actual Conversations Overheard on The South Side of The City

1. "Who the hell is she supposed to be, Nicki Minaj?  Everyone can't wear pink weave."  -- Walgreens, 51st and Cottage Grove

2. "Sir, I am looking for something less "garage sale" and more "Euro." -- Home Depot, Roosevelt, South Loop

3. "This city needs a f*cking douche.  It smells like ass out here."  --  On 13th east of Wabash.

4. "Dude, we need to see more hoes and less bros." --- Sidewalk conversation in front of Morgans, S. Halsted.

5. "I just need something to make me lose weight in 5 days, are we on the same page?"  GNC --- 53rd St. Hyde Park


These are conversations heard on the South Side!  Feel free to leave yours in the comments and while you're at it follow me on Twitter @TheRealJoyRene and find me on Facebook.


Yep, you're welcome!


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  • That was great! Makes me miss home. Please post more!!!!

  • In reply to daruthless:

    Thanks for reading! Hugs!

  • I enjoy your posts as I am a transplanted south sider, having lived north side and Evanston previously. I posted recent South Side comments in my blog yesterday - http://www.chicagonow.com/its-never-just-black-and-white/2012/06/biracial-stories-shes-the-mom-not-the-nanny/.

  • In reply to John Chatz:

    Thank you so much! I read your blog as well as I too am in a interracial marriage! Thanks for tje love!

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