Me and Uncle Joe: A Love Story

I know you have the dirtiest of minds. You clicked on this post because you thought you would be reading about some juicy forbidden romance.


The Uncle Joe I love is the restaurant, Uncle Joe's Jerk, located at 47th and King Drive in the heart of the Bronzeville neighborhood.


This restaurant is one of several locations yet this one is the swankiest.

It is a bi-level, full service resturant with two bars, a lounge, stage, VIP room, and gift shop. The interior is nicely decorated with eclectic style.

Just so you know though, all this "snazzery" is irrelevant.

The place could look like Beirut and still have a full house because the food is just that good.

Jerk lobster tails are a unique but tasty specialty item.

Yes, jerk LOBSTER Tails! I am sure that's  illegal somewhere.

I nearly loss consciousness eating the most flavorful Mac n Cheese and superbly seasoned stewed chicken. The "bammy" bread is fresh and a great sponge for sopping up sauces. Hell, even the diet Coke was extra fizzy.

The jerk chicken and jerk fish will knock you on your ass. It has kick like you wouldn't believe.

The entire experience was perfect with friendly service, a live reggae band and reasonable prices. I recommend this place to any and  everyone looking for a great meal at a low price and entertainment.

I think you will enjoy your time at
Uncle Joe's.

Tell em Joy sent you!

Uncle Joe's is located at
4655 S. King Drive in beautiful Bronzeville.

Yep, you're welcome!

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