Hip-Hop Isn't Just Dead, It's Stinkin': My Hate/Hate Relationship With Today's Attempts At Rap & Hip Hop

Hip-Hop and rap culture have been apart of my life since buying bootleg cassette tapes in the late 80's in Jew Town. The sounds of Pete Rock, Slick Rick, Eazy E, KRS-1, Wu-Tang and Run DMC have been the soundtrack of every good memory I have of my childhood and teenage years. No matter where I am, T.R.O.Y. can transform me to a time of 89 cent gallons of gas and 99 cent Whoppers.

Summer days gave way to popped fire hydrants and Black Sheep bumping through our ghetto blaster with black electric tape holding the speakers together. Cassette tapes were $2 and it felt like Christmas unwrapping the plastic off of a new Pharcyde release.

Music had a message, but most importantly, you could understand what the f*ck they were saying:

"Engine, Engine number nine..."

Life and music was good.

So, what the hell happened?

Hip-Hop and rap fell deep down into the rancid pool of wack ass, wanna-be artists who butcher the English language just to get a sentence to rhyme with another.

The shit that radio stations rotate sometimes makes me wonder if we're in our last days.

We must be destined to fall as a civilization if we are downloading, burning and promoting the bull.

We are not a species made to last.

Don't get me wrong: There are some rappers nowadays that have structure and are in a class of their own. Jay-Z, Lil Wayne, Kanye West, Common, Nas and more are fluid rappers. Their style is often one that many other artist try to duplicate but fail miserably.

Without question, Biggie and Tupac will always remain in a class of their own.

I digress...

As I lay awake some nights in bed, I often wonder which record executive lost the bet that gave Waka Flocka Flame a goddammed record deal.

Between the yelling and the 3 word sentences, I feel like I am at a daycare and someone needs a damn nap.

Nevermind the fact that his name always reminds me of Fozzy and his ever popular "Waca Waca Waca".

I am more concerned that I see high school kids singing Waka Flocka's new song, " I Don't Really Care." as if it is some royal Hip-Hop Anthem:

Throwing money in the air like I don't really care
Standing on the chair like I don't really care
Got bitches by the pair, I'm baller of the year
And haters everywhere but I don't really care
No I don't, I don't, I don't, I don't really care X 2
Got bitches by the pair, I'm baller of the year
And haters everywhere but I don't really care

I like to tell those high schoolers, "Sit your no-having-a job-taking-summer-classes-borrowing-money-no-gas-money-having-don't-have-one-bitch-let-alone-two ass down. "

It's insane that forming meaningful lyrics aren't a requisite for good music anymore. Just yell "Yeahhhhhh" and throw some synth beats over it and you can be a millionaire too.

Rick Ross
Rick Ross is another thorn in my side. He is the big boss rapper from Miami that brags about kilos of cocaine he sold before he inked his deal.

He said he flew drugs in on a plane from Colombia.

The cocaine game must be in peril if big-time traffickers have to get a job with "benefits" AND fly planes into Colombia.

Rick Ross the rapper was a correctional officer in real life.

Really? I met the REAL Rick Ross last November here in Chicago.

This Rick Ross actually is a convicted drug trafficker who claims to have sold $3 million in Cocaine in 1 day. This guy actually smuggled millions of dollars of drugs from South & Central America.

The fake Rick Ross, the rapper, claimed to do the same thing. He denied that he was ever a prison C.O. until former co-workers started to come forward.

Then, he finally admitted his past but never retracted the drug bit.

So, all of that cocaine talk in rapper Rick Ross' songs are stories made up to look tough.

It's like the time we pretended to be cops and robbers. I was about 5, this fool is easily 30.

I can totally see big guy Rick Ross getting pistol whipped by a REAL thug.

I'm not saying it happened..I'm just saying..

if you're grown and still playing make believe...

It CAN happen.

This last rant is one that hurts my heart:

Lil Kim

Lil Kim was one of the best female rappers in the game. Her style was raunch meets class with an eclectic freestyle that would stop anyone dead in their tracks.

I loved how she took control with no explanation and no apologies.

She looked like a diva but had home grown qualities:

Then, she went bat-shit crazy:

Seriously, she turned into The Joker.

I see this balloon-faced mockery and want to cry. Her plastic surgeon,stylist, make-up artist and close friends need to be lined up and bitch slapped for allowing Kim to leave her house this way.

The undisputed queen of Hip Hop has become undone.

This is the sad state of Rap and Hip Hop and it is close to flatlining. It is the end of an era. I have built a bomb shelter and you'll find me there, listening to Black Sheep rapping along... "Pick It Up, Pick It Up, Pick It Up...Back on the scene..."

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Yep, You're Welcome!


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  • WORD..I dont know who you are but you are a true black queen....Yo,I thought they stopped making them like you.I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who feels like this and thinks the hip hop..I mean rap music today is straight bullshit.Everyone else,even the people my age are brainwashed...just turned 40 last month.I'm from Atlanta and 90% of this wack crap is from Atlanta rappers or rappers from the south in general.Even NY has lost its swag or shall I say attitude and even they are copycatting,following these wack southern cats and just plain making weak music themselves.I thought I was just getting old but I now see that it ain't my age its the state of hip-hop as I suspected.The problem is everyone and their momma wants to be a rapper and you got fools signing them and letting them in the booth.I remember when you use to have to have real skills before they would let you in the booth let alone step foot in the studio.But all of the blame is not on the rappers because if their wasn't an audience for this garbage these wack rappers would disappear,Just goes to show how dumb this new generation is.And its also perpetrated under the guise of not wanting to be a "hater".If you criticize any of these wack rappers they automatically label you a hater,but like I say I'm not a hater and I love them as a brother but hate them as a rapper and they need to drop that damn MIC!! And as far as lyrics go..NWA,ICE-T,Onyx,WU Tang,Mobb Deep and sometimes even KRS and BDP and other 80" and 90s' era rappers always didn't have positive lyrics and were hardcore but they were skilled and gifted with the wordplay and most even though violent had a social message attached such as issues concerning the police or government etc. Besides we had Tribe called Quest,Black Moon,Common,Mos Def,Dead Prez,Dela Soul,Roots etc to kind of balance things out.And as far as our women in hip hop are concerned..yo this situation is even sadder than the wack male hip-hop.Kim and Nikki were beautiful before they transformed themselves to blonde hair blue eyed women with fake face,boobs,hair,ass and everything else.Even through all of their boasting and bragging you can tell they are just fragile,self conscious,scared women who are afraid and ashamed of their own true selves.But yeah we are in trouble in hip-hop.Besides very few acts who get no air play and you have to dig or listen to the underground to find out about them the rest of this rap is pure garbage.And the black women in hip-hop in the spotlight dont want to or are ashamed of their blackness and are sending our young black girls the wrong message without even saying a word.

  • In reply to anthony:

    Thanks so much for leaving a comment and I appreciate the compliment too.

    Honestly, I don't think age has anything to do with it. We just know what timeless music sounds like and what's on rotation now isn't cutting it.

    Nowadays, "gangsta" rap requires no street cred and anyone can affix that label to whatever is being sold. I guarantee that Rick Ross would get rocked in the mean streets because his hardness factor is non existent. Yet, he's allowed to rap about the game as if he's lived it. When are people done buying the bullshit?
    Oh well, you and I are a dying breed but we can educate others.
    Thanks again for the support!!

  • I like all forms of music from hard rock ( deep purple) Motown the great years ((Marvin Gaye) (Stevie wonder) etc. From there I have rap artist I like such as Tupac, pit bull, dmx, dr. Dre, and many more. I am deep into smooth jazz. So I like anything that sounds good to me, I can understand why some may dislike rap because of the use of some unusual words but me hell growing up on the south side of Chicago those words don't impact me one bit.

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