Flavor On Ice: A 40 Year Tradition Of Snow Cones At 50th & King Drive


Henry Bradford has been known to many as "The Snow Cone Man" for at least 60 years. For 40 of those years, Mr Snow Cone has been a permanent fixture on the south west corner of 50th & King Drive in the Bronzeville neighborhood during the hottest months of the year.

Mr. Bradford is, as he put it, "A strong 90 year old" who migrated to Chicago from Gasden, Alabama in 1936.

He always found a way to survive the depressing economy by hitting the streets and opening stands all over the south side of the city:"There was never a time I did not work."

Mr. Bradford is one of a million reasons that I adore the South side of the city. His charisma makes it easy to strike up conversations about a Chicago I never knew about. A time of close-mindedness, intolerance, revolution, and eventual progress.

Mr. Snow Cone's traditional treat is one buck with your choice of three flavors (although if you ask nicely, he may give you a suicide).

Go visit Mr. Bradford and try his fabulous Snow Cones for $1 at the South West corner of 50th St and King Drive.

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  • Sounds like a guy with weeks worth of stories to tell.

  • In reply to C M Snyder:

    Yes indeed, lots of history!

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