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Overheard On The South Side: A Compilation Of Hilarious Tidbits

“It’s hotter than balls out here.”— Backyard barbecue at 45th & Wolcott “Can you believe that girl’s face? She looks like Schmiegal from Lord of The Rings.” — Kimbark Liquors, 53rd & Kimbark “Next to my cousin,Bob, this guy is the least interesting person on earth.”  —Icon, Roosevelt & Canal “This sh*t is dusty back... Read more »

Most Outrageously Funny Photos for The Week of June 25, 2012

Nothing says "Thug Life" like Hello Kitty
Here is a collection of funny pics off of the web for the week of June 25th!  Enjoy   Feel free to leave comments below, share and while you’re at it, follow me on Twitter @TheRealJoyRene.  Find me on Facebook too!   Yep, …you’re welcome!

Overheard On The South Side: A Hilarious Gathering of Actual Conversations Overheard on The South Side of The City

1. “Who the hell is she supposed to be, Nicki Minaj?  Everyone can’t wear pink weave.”  — Walgreens, 51st and Cottage Grove 2. “Sir, I am looking for something less “garage sale” and more “Euro.” — Home Depot, Roosevelt, South Loop 3. “This city needs a f*cking douche.  It smells like ass out here.”  — ... Read more »

South Side Bucket List: 10 Things To Do Before I Take A Dirt Nap.

Life is the longest thing you’ll ever do but you better fill it with fun things while it lasts. Why not laugh death in the face by vowing to enjoy every day that you are given with vigor? I promised myself to never say what I can’t do. I also force myself to be accountable... Read more »

A Chicago Now Pride Week Exclusive Showcase: Sue Regis, a Torch, and a Glass Vagina.

A Chicago Now Pride Week Exclusive Showcase: Sue Regis, a Torch, and a Glass Vagina.
Sue Regis of Regis Glass Art is bad-ass. She is an innovator in the glass design world.  She stays true to her roots…and yes, she’s gay. No apologies. Regis Glass Art is a one woman show.  Every piece Sue sells is designed and created by her torch. Yeah, torch..I told you she’s bad-ass. It all... Read more »

Hip-Hop Isn't Just Dead, It's Stinkin': My Hate/Hate Relationship With Today's Attempts At Rap & Hip Hop

Hip-Hop and rap culture have been apart of my life since buying bootleg cassette tapes in the late 80’s in Jew Town. The sounds of Pete Rock, Slick Rick, Eazy E, KRS-1, Wu-Tang and Run DMC have been the soundtrack of every good memory I have of my childhood and teenage years. No matter where... Read more »

Flavor On Ice: A 40 Year Tradition Of Snow Cones At 50th & King Drive

Henry Bradford has been known to many as “The Snow Cone Man” for at least 60 years. For 40 of those years, Mr Snow Cone has been a permanent fixture on the south west corner of 50th & King Drive in the Bronzeville neighborhood during the hottest months of the year. Mr. Bradford is, as... Read more »

Me and Uncle Joe: A Love Story

I know you have the dirtiest of minds. You clicked on this post because you thought you would be reading about some juicy forbidden romance. Yuck.. The Uncle Joe I love is the restaurant, Uncle Joe’s Jerk, located at 47th and King Drive in the heart of the Bronzeville neighborhood. This restaurant is one of... Read more »

What $32 Bought Me At The Swap This Weekend

What $32 Bought Me At The Swap This Weekend
I love deals so whenever I want to find one, I head over to the Swap-O-Rama located at 4100 S. Ashland Avenue on the south side of the city. If you haven’t been, I am telling you..GET YOUR ASS THERE! You can find everything from bicycles to toilets at an awesome price. This past weekend,... Read more »

I am Grown, Dammit! Being An Adult Who Is Also A Child.

My 32nd birthday taught me that birthdays don’t mean shit: I am older, but I always have to answer to someone whether I like it or not. Just to give you an example: I was grocery shopping at Jewel and an elderly woman was blocking the aisle with her cart. Afraid to startle her, I... Read more »