Yo Mama...Is a Very Nice Lady! 4 Places You Can Take Your Mom on Mother's Day.

Mother's Day is that holiday that encourages you to do the things that you should be doing with your mom anyway. I hope that you are at least respectable enough to her throughout the year where she doesn't believe that she's being Punk'd when you decide to do something special on Mother's Day.

Believe it or not, most moms look forward to the holiday because it is a day that they can call their own. Your mom has done a lot for you and pushing your big head into the world is at the top of that list. Even if you have a mom, aunt, friend or grandmom that didn't bring you into the world, you owe her a special day because putting up with you requires hard work. I know...

My mom is definitely unique. She will swear she doesn't want anything for Mother's Day but will remind me that she didn't get a gift as soon as I need a favor:

Mom: "Yeah, I would house-sit for you, but I don't have the GPS I wanted for Mother's Day. I would never make it to your house in one piece. Oh, well..maybe next year."

Granted, that particular Mother's Day in which my mom didn't go anywhere or get anything, I was out of the country. I tried to make it up when I got back but the wound was too deep. Now, I never let Mother's Day pass without letting Mom know she is special.

Don't let this happen to you. Treat your mom like the queen she is ON Mother's Day. My list below will help you be the favorite with mom!

This is an exclusive list:

1. Pearl's Place - 3901 S. Michigan Avenue, Chicago, IL 773-285-1700

This place is the best for Soul Food and awesome for a Sunday buffet. Everything you could possibly imagine is there waiting to be devoured. From jerk catfish to meaty oxtails smothered in gravy, you'll find it here. They have the best Sweet Potato Pie and Peach Cobbler. You can try both! Your mom, if she is a foodie, will appreciate the variety giving you extra son/daughter points.

Price $30 - $40 PP

2.Mena's Hair Design -325 E. 35th St, Chicago, IL 312-225-6333
Your mom is a looker. She knows it and so do you. However, a trip to Mena's hair salon will be just what mom needs to put a little pep in her step. The hair design artists are from Egypt. You should know, the Egyptians are known for superb hair care techniques. They have inside knowledge to healthy blow-drying and obtaining a flawless style. They use Aveda and Sebastian Products and can help clients of any ethnicity. A blow-dry and style will cost $45. Call ahead for an appointment although walk-ins are okay.

3. An's Nails 4705 S. Kedzie, Chicago, IL 773-927-7099

An's does it all, Mani-Pedi, eyebrow wax and/or thread. Let your mom get the diva-treatment by splurging for all three services. You'll get a good deal at $45 for all. It is a small place so please call to make an appointment to be sure you don't have to wait. Ask to be helped by An.

4. Showplace ICON Theaters 150 W. Roosevelt Rd, Chicago, IL 312-564-2104
This is an awesome place to show mom she is THE BOMB! Here, you can catch the hottest movies, sip a cocktail and eat in the VIP section of this theater. Yes, I said, "VIP". ICON is the true celebrity experience. The club chairs and tables to enjoy your meal just make the night perfect for your favorite lady. Parking is FREE! You can buy tickets ahead of time too at showplaceicon.com

Well, you have all you need for an awesome time. Mom deserves this and so much more. Let me know your experiences at these places in the comments and don't forget to follow me @TheRealJoyRene.

Pssst..don't forget to ask your mom to wrap up a piece of that awesome sweet potato pie from Pearl's in her purse for me.

Yep...You're Welcome!

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