Hyde Park, I Love You! The Best Food Hyde Park Has To Offer.

Hyde Park is my obsession. I love the area with its eclectic style. From Jewish to Thai, the best food lies here. This is an exclusive list of my faves:

Jewish Style Deli:
Zaleski & Horvath Market Cafe
1126 E. 47th St
Chicago, IL

Oy Vey, did I just eat a friggin duck meat salad? Yes, I did. It was heaven. This place has every type of "Sammie" that you've ever had a wet dream about. My favorite is the "Mahatma-strami". Pastrami with havarti and carmelized onion on a piece of rustic bread (your teeth have to be good with God). Dine in or take it to go. ZH also has many hard to find grocery items on their shelves. Don't miss an opportunity to check it out.

Family Recipe Meals, Fast!
1518 E. 53rd St
Chicago, IL

Valois is cafeteria style food at its best. Yes, cafeteria. Don't run, it's absolutely the best ever, trust me. You better know what you want before you get the "the glass" or there will be some teeth sucking and rib jabs. Breakfast is made to order while you are shuffling to the register. Nine times out of ten, your food beats you there. Try the French toast and the great coffee.

Lunch and dinner is suprisingly good with homestyle faves: Mac & cheese, short ribs, corned beef brisket and much more!

Just a warning, this place is cash only!

Best Pizza Pie

1321 E. 57th St
Chicago, IL

Going to Edwardo's is like being in a bad relationship. You know it isn't good for you but you can't let go. It never fails that the service is horrible (slow, slow, slow) but I just can't quit this place.

I keep going back for the abuse because the pizza is heaven! Fresh ingredients paired with a buttery crust make deep dishes everywhere jealous. The sauce is homemade and not of the canned variety. Plus, the elephant garlic is a great choice for ajo lovers alike.

Meh, they do have appetizers that play with your emotions until the showstopper comes out. Go here once and you'll never regret it.

I won't leave you, Edwardo..
Call me..

Best Breakfast Place
1440 E. 57th St
Chicago, IL

A lot of people believe that breakfast is hard to mess up. As true as that may be, it is really hard to do breakfast perfectly and this place does it over and over again. The best waffles can be found here topped with fresh strawberries and whipped cream. The service is attentive and everyone has a smile. My over medium eggs are always right. That is a task that many breakfast joints fail to complete with grace. The coffee is always on point too. The only downside is that this place is really small so leave the car seats, excess baggage and coats in the car.

I really hope that you check these places out because they are definitely worth it. Possibly, your love affair with Hyde Park will start this way as well. Let me know your experiences at these joints in the comments and while you are at it, follow me at Twitter @TheRealJoyRene

Yep..you're welcome!

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