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Funny Things Heard On The South Side: II

“29 cents per banana? Are you kidding me? They look like¬† they’ve been in a fight with all those bruises.” Target, Roosevelt & Clark “My wife thinks I’m at work. That’s the only way I can enjoy a donut by my damn self.” Dunkin Donuts, 59th & Kedzie “C’mon, if we even look like we’re... Read more »

10 Things You Shouldn't Be Caught Dead Doing Past 30

30 is the new 20. Yes, we 30-somethings are sexy! We look damn good and we can get away with doing things that some 40 and 50 year olds can’t. However, this is a PSA. There are some things that we shouldn’t and physically cannot do anymore. Here is my exclusive list below: 10. Buying... Read more »

Gil Scott Heron Event on The South Side 6/8/12

This FREE event will take place on the 8th of June at 7pm at Experimental Station 6100 S. Blackstone, Chicago, IL Performances and discussion on musician/poet/activist,  Gil Scott Heron. You will NOT want to miss this event! Come groove with us!

When "Literally" Isn't So Literal... A Quick Rant That Literally Will Make You Crap Your Pants

I know you’ve experienced it. The conversation in which a person has said that something has “literally” happened when you know it is impossible. Those people are abusers of the literal expression. Just as a refresher: The Definition of Literal in accordance with, involving, or being the primary or strict meaning of the word or... Read more »

South Side Guide To Deflecting The "Can-I-Have-A-Dollar" Disease: Shooting Down The Hopes of Fake Beggars Everywhere!

C’mon, the only reason you clicked here was to rip me a new one. You thought I would be bashing people in need. Wrong! I am only helping you fight a common enemy we share: Fake Beggars. These people make the real poor look bad. They are the reason you roll up your window when... Read more »

Hyde Park, I Love You! The Best Food Hyde Park Has To Offer.

Hyde Park is my obsession. I love the area with its eclectic style. From Jewish to Thai, the best food lies here. This is an exclusive list of my faves: Jewish Style Deli: Zaleski & Horvath Market Cafe 1126 E. 47th St Chicago, IL Oy Vey, did I just eat a friggin duck meat... Read more »

One More Thing To Do Out South

On 63rd Street Beach, Djembe drummers gather during nice weather to have a jam session. Also, you can try Jamaican and Belizean food from vendors stationed nearby.

What We Sox Fans Are Not....

What We Sox Fans Are Not....
The Crosstown Classic is here and we Sox fans have to travel to Wrigleyville this morning to cheer on our beloved team! Like every other year, we have to be faced with the insults and name calling. Let me tell you, we will not take it anymore! I am going to debunk the South Side... Read more »

Funny Things Overheard on the South Side

“Who the hell are you, the bag protector? I said I want it double bagged!” Treasure Island, Hyde Park “I said I wanted it made LIKE a Whopper, I am not stupid. I know you don’t sell Whoppers.” McDonalds, Garfield & Michigan “I called ahead! What do you mean my pork chops weren’t held?” Jewel... Read more »

Book of Translation: A Guide To Help Understand Women-Speak

I know you’ve run into it: You think you have said the right thing to a woman only to have it all blow up in your face. As a woman, I know I am complicated and can wreck havoc on anyone that doesn’t understand where I am coming from. Your mother, aunt, grandmom, sister, daughter... Read more »