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It Was a Special Summer for this Little Girl, Playing Baseball with the Boys

I was nine years old, living on the South Side, near 87th and Jeffrey. There was a park, 2 blocks square, just across the street from the Chicago Vocational School. It had two large areas that were somewhat like little league fields. No back stop.  No bases, no pitcher’s mound – just a sandlot. This... Read more »

Blackhawks, Kasich, Being Sick in Bed, White Sox, Flint's Worsening Water

The Great: 1.  The Blackhawks have 3 days off to get their shit together. Bowman has less than a week to sign an offensive player. Good luck with that. 2.  I got a call today, on my personal cell phone, from the White Sox office. Yeah – I’m good with one of the VP’s staff,... Read more »

"You Play to Win the Game!"

Phone ringing, Friday morning, Nov. 1, 2012,  2:00 am. Hizzoner:  (yawning, bleary-eyed, thinking to himself, “Oh God, the red phone. What the hell does Axelrod want now? And, why do we have these land lines anymore?”) “David, can’t this wait till the morning?” Axelrod:  That’s the problem with you Rahm, you’ve gotten too cushy being... Read more »

Defining "Success" at the End of a Season - Ask the '64 Phillies

Would you say the 2006 Bears had a successful season when they were beaten by the Colts in the Super Bowl?   Not since the best defense that the NFL had seen, from the ’85 Bears, did we have that chance again.  But some Bears’ coach(es) decided to let Grossman pass, instead of rushing Thomas Jones,... Read more »

Got Dem' Chicago Blues

My friend Tina is always reminding me that I’m not in a war-torn country, or being jailed for my political beliefs, or living in a 3rd world country where food is no where to be found, and the water is contaminated with typhoid or malaria. She’s right.  I’m luckier than 99.9% of the rest of... Read more »

Ozzie: In the Land of Oz

When my sister and I watched Dorothy meeting the Wizard of Oz for the first time, we were scared.  The great and powerful Oz was angry.  His face crinkled with disgust, smoke blowing from his nostrils and ears.  He was demanding, intimidating, and could not be reasoned with. Fast forward about 55 years to another... Read more »