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Jerry Krause: We'll Always Remember Ye

The man who put the 6 Championship Bulls teams together,  passed away today. 1986: My family was lucky enough to see these teams develop, up front. 2 seats in row 21 and 2 seats in row 22. Each seat cost $16.50. By the time 1998, the last of the Bulls’ championships, the tickets were over... Read more »

Soccer Mom, Baseball Mom, Basketball Mom, PhD student, and Da Bulls

It was 1986, and I got accepted to the PhD program in Clinical Social Work at Loyola University on Michigan Ave.  Wow – the Miracle Mile I rarely walked. My boys were in grammar school. My boys played soccer in the cold rain and sometimes sleet. My boys played basketball. My boys played baseball. My... Read more »

Chicago Sports Keep Me Sane - and Laughing.

The Great: 1.  Golden State lost big last night. 5 losses now. I’m probably the only person in Northern California who does not want to see the Bulls 72-10 record beaten. 2.  Derek Rose actually scored 28 and 26 points in last two games. 3.  Blackhawks and USAWarriors were together on the ice  today. Pretty... Read more »

Derrick Rose Needs To Come Back. This Season.

Derrick Rose needs to come back.  Now. Not for us. Not for the playoffs. Not for his family. Not for the city. Not for the cheering fans.  Not for us. Derrick  needs to come back for his own peace of mind.  Because  that sudden traumatic knee injury last year  took a piece of his mind.... Read more »

What Did Michael Jordan Say to Charles Barkley: 6/20/93?

Michael Jordan is getting all the headlines these last two weeks, leading up to the NBA All-Star weekend, with his memorable 50 point slam-dunk from the free throw line while hanging forever in the air, and his turning 50 years old.  Charles Barkley, an outstanding basketball Hall of Fame player,  is also celebrating his  50th... Read more »

God's Blessings on the Bulls: Circa 2011 and 5771

And so it came to pass on this Monday night, April 18, 2011, the God of the Hebrews looked down upon his children in the land of Chicago.  He had taken pity for their tragic loss of another chance to the Super Bowl barely 4 months ago, at the hand of their most despised rival,... Read more »