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Jason Collins, NBA Center, "Comes Out" as Being Gay

Jason Collins, a professional basketball athlete, has come out to the world as being gay.  I applaud his courage, sincerity, honesty, and narrative in the current issue of Sports Illustrated,  of what led up to this brave decision. It was only 3 weeks ago, Rutgers basketball star, Brittney Griner, the #1 Women’s basketball player,... Read more »

NFL Recruits Being Asked Questions About Their Sexuality: 2013?

Really?  Still? Yes, my friends.  Bigotry is alive and well in National Football League locker rooms, period.  General Managers and NFL team owners are currently violating the NFL Collective Bargaining Agreement, various state hiring mandates,  and hopefully future federal laws,  in asking questions of our rookie class, of their sexual orientation. This line of questioning... Read more »

Homophobia, 2012: Alive and Well in the Sports World

Last week, Yunel Escobar, SS for the Toronto Blue Jays, was suspended for 3 games. He wore a blantantly homophobic slur written into the black stripes under his eyes in Spanish, “Tu ere maricon.”  Translated, this means “you are a faggot.” His press conference, defending his action, was more than ridiculous, trying to convince us... Read more »

"Say It Ain't So, Joe"

Power corrupts.  Power allows for invincibility. Power produces arrogance.  Power in a bureaucracy becomes insular, revered, untouchable, and even fearful. This is the culture which Joe Paterno created as the legendary football coach at Penn State.  The man had more power than Graham Spanier, Penn State University President; Gary Schultz, VP; Tim Curley, Athletic Director;... Read more »

There's More at the Door: Penn State Scandal Part III

Jerry Sandusky, who lives next to an elementary school, has denied all sexual molestation and sodomy charges against him.  During a phone interview, he reported to Bob Costas that he was just a jock who liked to “horse around with kids” in the locker room. Penn State will be spending millions of dollars in time,... Read more »

My Take on the Cake Unbaked: Penn State Scandal, Part I

As a sports fan and love of the game, I follow all facets of how sports, our culture, politics, economics, media, & psychology, are inter-connected. As a professor, clinical social worker, and therapist, my major field of study and practice has been in the area of trauma:  combat-related PTSD,  sexual harassment, bullying, child sexual assault,... Read more »