Six Reasons Why The Bears Lost to the Eagles

Six Reasons Why the Bears Lost to the Philadelphia Eagles Tonight

  1. We can’t tackle
  2. Cutler was not able to be mobile, move outside the pocket, and underthrew the top NFL receiving corp
  3. No 2 step-drop slants, or screen plays called
  4. Hardly any touches for Forte called
  5. Special teams did nothing
  6. Our defensive line let Philly rush through the middle, more times than I’ve watched replays of the last 90 seconds of Game 6 of the Blackhawks’ Stanley Cup 2013 final

Six Things We’ll Desperately Need to Beat the Packers Next Week

  1. Tackle
  2. Play a QB who can be mobile, move outside the pocket, and lead his receivers with over-the-shoulder passes only THEY can catch (which they can)
  3. Put in plays with quick slants or screens, to move the ball at least 4 yrds for each down:  Objectives are FIRST DOWNS leading to TOUCHDOWNS.
  4. Get the ball to Forte, any way you can.
  5. Get some blocking on special teams after the Packers punt or kick-off; and let Robbie kick the ball as hard as he can on every punt or kick-off
  6. Teach the defense how to stack the box and not let Eddie Lacey or Jordy Nelson run on you.

I know there is way more to say, but I'm done here.

Mad as hell.  Can't you tell?

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